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custom arch supports
What Can Arch Supports Do For Me
Custom arch supports, or orthotics, can be worn inside the shoes for a variety of reasons, and can make a great difference to how comfortable your feet feel. Whether you are experiencing foot pain or trying to find the right pair of shoes for exercising, experts will often recommend custom arch supports as a versatile... View Article [Read more...]

Posted By Foot Solutions, Sat. Jul. 28, 2018
Does Wearing Nice Shoes Always Hurt Your Feet?
Many people choose to wear shoes that hurt their feet so that they can look the part when they go out, but do not realise that the damage that they are doing to their feet can cause serious and even permanent problems. [Read more...]

Posted By Foot Solutions, Wed. Jul. 11, 2018
flip flops
The Trouble With Flip Flops!
Do you celebrate the beginning of summer by digging out your flip flops and heading into the sunshine? Take the time to read our warnings before you don your flip flops this year [Read more...]

Posted By Foot Solutions, Thu. Jul. 05, 2018
hammer toes
Do You Have Bent Toes? Hammertoes Could Be The Cause
A hammer toe is caused by a deformity in the joints around the toes, leading the toes to bend so that they are crooked, resembling the shape of a hammer. This can put a great deal of pressure on the joints and bones around the problem area, and hammertoes are likely to become progressively worse... View Article [Read more...]

Posted By Foot Solutions, Tue. Jun. 26, 2018