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From walking and running to hiking or working on your feet all day, the wide range of stylish comfort footwear at Foot Solutions can meet your every need while providing the style and comfort you deserve. Staying fit and healthy is the best way to protect your body as you age, and wearing shoes that fit you well and support your feet correctly is essential, especially when you are exercising. Our ranges of active shoes for women include many big name brands such as Merrell, Joya and Mephisto, and we have styles to suit every taste and budget.

At Foot Solutions, we offer much more than most shoe stores. Our team of experienced pedorthists are on hand to give your feet the attention they deserve, including a full assessment of each foot and foot mapping scans. We will take the time to get to know you and to understand the pressures your feet come under in your everyday life, and our recommendations and advice will be tailored to your unique requirements. Comfortable shoes for an active lifestyle are an important way to protect your feet against damage and injury, and we can help you to find the very best solutions for you.

Our Foot Assessment is free of charge and will be completed instore by one of our trained pedorthists. Schedule a visit to us and give your feet a treat!