Are You A Runner? Why Running Is So Popular Today

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We often hear news about dietary problems and obesity amongst the population, and there are many schemes encouraging people to exercise more. However, in our daily lives, many of us are extremely busy and struggle to find the time to fit in a team sport or attend exercise classes regularly.

Running, however, is growing in popularity, with more people taking to the pavements than ever before. To maintain health and fitness, we should all be aiming to increase our heart rate for at least 30 minutes, five times per week. Running is one of the easiest ways to exercise cheaply and conveniently from your home or workplace, and can fit into your routine more easily than most other forms of exercise.


The Benefits of Running:

1. Increasing stamina. If you’ve never run before, you’ll need to build up your stamina gradually, running a little further each time you go. The walk-run-walk method can be very helpful for beginners, as you can increase your fitness safely and quickly. Try walking for two minutes and then running for one, to maintain a raised heart rate (during the walking phases) but avoid straining your muscles.

2. Getting in shape. Running is a great way to tone up your body, allowing you to develop your core strength and tone your legs, buttocks and waist. Holding weights in your hands and swinging your arms while you run can give your arms a workout too.

3. Zoning out. Getting away from the stresses of daily life is a huge benefit of exercise, and running can give you some very valuable time out. You can listen to music or an audio book while you run if this helps you to unwind, but be sure not to use headphones if you run near to roads.

4. Changing your mindset. If you’re feeling stuck in a rut or need a pick me up, a boost of endorphins can change your state of mind and have you feeling great again. Exercising is the best way to create a natural feeling of positivity in your body and mind.

5. Being flexible. A form of exercise like running can be very empowering since you are not restricted to certain times or places and you can fit it into your routine when it suits you. Whether you’re trying to clear your head during your lunch break or wind down after your working day, you can just grab your shoes and go.

Runners Need Good Shoes

Running in the wrong shoes can cause foot pain and injuries to your feet, including fractures and plantar fasciitis, and good shoes can make a world of difference. A gait analysis test can be very helpful to find the right sort of shoes to suit your running style and your feet, and you should try to visit a specialist store such as Foot Solutions to find the best options for you.

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