Did you know that many people develop foot injuries and painful foot conditions while they are exercising? When you exercise, your feet come under greater pressure than normal, and this makes them more susceptible to damage. The muscles and tendons of the feet can be damaged or torn, and the bones may fracture when the feet are not properly supported while running, walking or playing sports. It is very important to choose your footwear carefully when you are exercising, and our range of athletic men’s shoes has something for everyone. We stock athletic shoes for men, including styles by Aetrex, Apex and Brooks, and they look as good as they feel.

Foot Solutions is much more than just a shoe store, offering you a new approach to foot health. We take a holistic approach, with a team of experienced pedorthists trained to carry out a full foot assessment to help you to find the very best footwear for your feet and your lifestyle. Our expert team uses the latest technology and digital analysis to to help identify any issues you may have and the advice we offer is tailored to meet your unique needs We usually recommend a combination of supportive footwear, comfort socks and custom arch supports, and our suggestions will take your unique lifestyle and exercise preferences into account.

Our foot assessments are free of charge and you can book an appointment at your local store at a time that is convenient to you. Our aim is to ensure that everyone can enjoy an active life, exercising in shoes that are designed to prevent pain and protect your feet as you move. Taking care of your feet will keep you fit and healthy as you age, so find out more about Foot Solutions today!

Availability of brands, styles and sizes may vary by location.