Avoiding Foot & Ankle Injuries While Exercising

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Exercising regularly is a very important way to maintain your health and fitness throughout your life, but it can also lead to foot and ankle injuries that can be painful and stop you in your tracks. Taking steps to reduce your risk of foot or ankle injuries can help you to build stronger muscles and increase your flexibility, as well as preventing injuries that could compromise your self care routine.

Of course, protecting your feet means investing time and effort in looking after them. A visit to Foot Solutions should be part of your personal health routine, just as you would visit a dentist or optician to ensure that you are in the best of health. With trained professionals on hand to scan and measure feet, as well as discussing medical and lifestyle issues, we can offer a full and comprehensive service that will give you the very best chance to keep your feet in good shape for life.

How To Prevent Foot And Ankle Injuries

Take expert advice. Every foot is unique and taking the opportunity to visit Foot Solutions enables you to find out exactly what is best for your feet. Our experienced staff will scan and measure feet and identify whether custom arch supports or comfort socks could make a difference to you. Wearing shoes that fit you well and keep your feet comfortable all day can reduce your risk of injury and help to prevent conditions such as bunions, hammertoes and calluses.

Warm up your feet. When you are exercising, it can be easy to neglect a proper warm up, but this can lead to a higher risk of damaged tendons and ligaments. Ankle circles are a great way to stretch out the feet and ankles, and calf and shin raises are also helpful for loosening the muscles in your feet and giving you more control over your body weight as you move.

Vary your workout and your footwear. For your general health, it is not ideal to do the same form of exercise every day, and a varied routine is much better for your body. The same advice can be applied to your footwear, and you should never exercise in shoes that are designed for a different purpose. Running shoes are not the same as walking or weight-lifting shoes, for example, and you should seek expert help when you are beginning a new training programme or have experienced foot pain while exercising.

Find Custom Arch Supports To Alleviate Foot Pain In Ireland

Here at Foot Solutions, we are focused on the health of your feet but we don’t expect you to compromise on style! We are delighted to offer comfortable footwear that is also fashionable, and our experienced staff are on hand to help you to find a personalised solution for your feet.

There’s no substitute for a local expert, so pop into your local store and meet our professional team today. Your feet will thank you!