Betty Fox

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When retired photographer Betty Fox was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes last year she decided to go for a long walk every day to improve her health.

Having been a keen sailor for most of her life she enjoyed her hour-long walks beside the sea, taking in the coastal path and Mount Batten pier.

Then in October while on one of her regular walks her left foot inexplicably gave way under her. “I didn’t fall, trip or twist my ankle, it simply gave way and left me with a painful limp,” said Betty, who lives in Plymstock.

“I couldn’t walk without a limp after that and it really restricted what I could do,” she added.

A few weeks later Betty was reading her Plymouth Magazine and saw the Foot Solutions advertisement, which featured a testimonial from one of their customers.

“I was in the city soon after that, limping all the way as usual, and decided to visit the Foot Solutions store in Royal Parade to see if they could help me.

“I was seen by a very helpful member of staff who carried out a series of tests and then talked me through exactly what had happened to my left foot and less badly to my right foot,” added Betty.

She decided to order custom-made insoles and while awaiting their delivery purchased off the shelf insoles.

“They provided almost instant relief,” said Betty, “and when the custom-made insoles arrived a few weeks later I could tell instantly that there was a miraculous improvement.

“I could walk again with no pain whatsoever. As an ex-sailor I missed being able to walk by the sea and it was such a relief to be able to do so again, thanks to Foot Solutions,” said Betty.

For an appointment call Foot Solutions Plymouth or visit their store on Royal Parade in the city centre.

hardly walk and I had to reluctantly give up all the activities which I so enjoy.” On two occasions, doctors told Beryl that complete rest and painkillers were the only answer. But then a friend told her about Foot Solutions and Beryl decided to visit the Royal Parade store in Plymouth.

“The staff were really helpful and understanding,” said Beryl. A full assessment of Beryl’s problem using Foot Solutions digital foot mapping technology identified the fact that her left hip was twisted and this in turn was affecting her gait and leading to the pain.

Foot Solutions arranged for specially made insoles to be produced for Beryl and recommended shoes with a deep foot bed to accommodate the insoles.

The results were immediate and dramatic. “It was fantastic. The new shoes and special insoles helped to redress the problem in my hip and I was free from pain for the first time in months and months.

“I have been able to take up all my activities again and can enjoy all my dancing, walking and keep fit once more. “Without Foot Solutions and their expertise my life would have been so restricted and I would still be in pain,” added Beryl.