How To Prevent And Treat Hammer toe

Hammer toe is the name given to a toe that is bent over, in the shape of a hammer. This…

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high hells
Shoes To Avoid! Four Shoes That Can Damage Your Feet

Here at Foot Solutions, we see many people who are living with pain in their feet and legs on a…

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Ingrown Toenails: How To Protect Your Child’s Feet

Children and teenagers are often affected by ingrown toenails, which can be very painful and cause complications if not treated…

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Facts About Feet!

Here at Foot Solutions, we believe that keeping your feet healthy is a very important way to protect your health…

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plantar fasciitis
Plantar Fasciitis: Is Your Diet The Key?

It seems unbelievable that what you eat could have an effect on a pain felt in your feet, but many…

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Foot Care Foot Solutions
Common Foot Problems That Cause Pain In The Arch And Heel

Do you have pain in the arch of your foot or in your heel? There are many different causes of…

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