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Flat Feet: A Guide to Fallen Arches

If you’re suffering with chronic foot pain, then one of the possible causes might be fallen arches. This problem, sometimes…

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Benefits of Walking for Older Adults

Want to feel better?  Go outside and take a walk. It really is that simple.  Walking offers a variety of…

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Foot Pain Whilst Running? Find the Right Running Shoe for You

For runners, foot pain is a serious problem. In fact, it’s probably one of the few conditions that can cause…

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Effects of wearing UGGs excessively

Some women end up paying a far higher price for wearing UGG boots than the retail price of €170-€200!! When…

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What are The Benefits of Fitness for the Over 50s?

Getting older doesn’t mean that you have to slow down or become less active.  In fact, it is even more…

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Choosing the Right Climbing Shoes for Mountain Climbing

Preparing to climb a mountain is a huge undertaking.  Preparing physically before you go on a mountain climbing expedition is…

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