foot assessment
Custom Orthotics

How Custom Orthotics Relieve Foot Pain and More Imagine yourself in your favourite fashion, sport, or shoe store. You are…

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Benefits of Walking

Mind Man’s Best Friend There is possibly no better motivator for getting outdoors and staying active than having a pair…

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Stay Active, Count Those Steps!

Exercise is an essential way to keep fit and healthy, but don’t worry if you haven’t found a fitness regime…

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It’s Sandal Time!

Summer is on the way! The winter months are behind us now and we’re dreaming of sunny days on the…

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Time To Get Your Feet Measured

Did you know that many people wear shoes that do not fit them properly? Wearing shoes that are too small…

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Fat Loss and Foot Pain – How to Treat Fat Pad Atrophy

Did you know that as we age, we lose weight from the fat pads on the under-sides of our feet?…

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