Time To Get Your Feet Measured

Did you know that many people wear shoes that do not fit them properly? Wearing shoes that are too small…

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Fat Loss and Foot Pain – How to Treat Fat Pad Atrophy

Did you know that as we age, we lose weight from the fat pads on the under-sides of our feet?…

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Foot Solutions Custom Orthotics
How Orthotics Can Help You To Make The Most Of Winter

Did you know that the way your shoes fit your feet could make a huge difference to your health? Poorly…

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Foot Care Foot Solutions
Common Foot Problems That Cause Pain In The Arch And Heel

Do you have pain in the arch of your foot or in your heel? There are many different causes of…

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What Can Arch Supports Do For Me

Custom arch supports, or orthotics, can be worn inside the shoes for a variety of reasons, and can make a…

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custom arch supports
Arch Support Insoles: Find The Perfect Fit

Custom arch support insoles are an excellent solution to the problem of foot pain, and can alleviate back, leg and…

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