Benefits of Walking

Mind Man’s Best Friend There is possibly no better motivator for getting outdoors and staying active than having a pair…

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Diabetes Foot Solutions
4 Essential Reasons To Get An Annual Diabetic Foot Check

If you have diabetes, you will already know that you are more susceptible to foot problems and foot pain than…

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Foot Solutions Custom Orthotics
How Orthotics Can Help You To Make The Most Of Winter

Did you know that the way your shoes fit your feet could make a huge difference to your health? Poorly…

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high hells
Shoes To Avoid! Four Shoes That Can Damage Your Feet

Here at Foot Solutions, we see many people who are living with pain in their feet and legs on a…

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Avoiding Foot & Ankle Injuries While Exercising

Exercising regularly is a very important way to maintain your health and fitness throughout your life, but it can also…

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Emma Safety Shoes are based in Maastricht, Netherlands & have been producing work shoes for the past 85 years. They have a very high standard of shoe materials & construction. Emma shoes (Holland) are

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