Getting Out and Staying Active Can Benefit Your Overall Health this Autumn.

It is officially Autumn and here at Foot Solutions we are definitely noticing the evenings getting darker already. It’s tempting…

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foot assessment
Custom Orthotics

How Custom Orthotics Relieve Foot Pain and More Imagine yourself in your favourite fashion, sport, or shoe store. You are…

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Benefits of Walking

Mind Man’s Best Friend There is possibly no better motivator for getting outdoors and staying active than having a pair…

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Stay Active, Count Those Steps!

Exercise is an essential way to keep fit and healthy, but don’t worry if you haven’t found a fitness regime…

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Mothers day
What’s Holding Your Mum Back?

Did you know that many women have problems with their feet, knees and back and that these issues can stop…

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Sitting Disease: Why is Sitting the New Smoking?

Did you know that leading a sedentary lifestyle is becoming increasingly common, and is extremely bad for your health? A…

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