9 Ways To Speed Up Your Recovery After A Race & Prepare For The Next One

If you’re an athlete, you’ll probably thrive on the buzz that comes with taking part in races and competing with…

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foot pain running
Tips To Protect Your Feet While Running

Running is a popular way to keep fit, reducing stress levels and raising endorphins in the body. Running is also…

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Plantar Fasciitis Exercises

If you have injured your plantar fascia, you will be advised to rest for a period of time to allow…

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Choosing The Right Shoes For Your Workout

What is your favourite way to exercise? Whether you’re a runner, a gym addict or a keen rower, you must…

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Foot Cramps
How To Stop A Foot Cramp

There’s nothing quite like the pain of foot cramps, and they can occur whether you’re mid-jog or fast asleep. But…

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Foot Solutions Brooks Running Shoes
Running Shoes Your Feet Will Love

Wearing the right training shoes can protect your feet from pain and discomfort while you are running. Finding shoes that fit you well and suit the shape of your feet can help to

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