Margaret Coffey

Margaret may be in her eighties, but she isn’t going to let that stop her getting around. ‘My motto is to keep moving, keep laughing and keep praying. I’m also a great believer in the Arthritis Ireland motto, Motion is Lotion.’

Margaret suffers foot pain due to arthritis. ‘I had tried a number of treatments over the years, but they all cost a lot of money and didn’t address the issue. So I called into Foot Solutions to see if they could help. I really liked that they were able to give me a full assessment in the shop. And also that they can keep my records on computer, so they have all my details when I go in there again. The staff was lovely, very helpful and great at fitting me for the right shoes.  I have since bought two pairs of sandals and runners. They are a great fit which means that I can still keep on the go. I also bought a pair of sandals for my daughter, who is delighted with them.

‘Thanks to the shoes I bought in Foot Solutions and the exercises I do every day, I can still get myself around the place and enjoy life. That’s very important to me.’