Mícheál O’Súilleabháin

Mícheál O’Súilleabháin

Mícheál called in to Foot Solutions in Limerick suffering from heel spurs.

‘It was certainly painful. Any kind of standing or walking had become very uncomfortable for me. I visited Ellen in Foot Solutions in Limerick and after a whole suite of measurements, she concluded that my arches were starting to fall. I bought three different types of shoes over time along with a set of custom-made orthotics. The pain just disappeared. From now on I won’t be going anywhere else other than Foot Solutions.

‘It isn’t just that the shoes and supports got rid of the pain completely.  I am also delighted with the impact that they have had on my life. Limping around the place can get you down, it drains the life out of you. Since I went to Foot Solutions and tackled my pain, I find I have more energy. I think any kind of chronic pain can make you irritable and depletes your concentration. With that pain removed, it frees me up from a creative point of view.

‘I’d go as far as to say that the shoes and supports have a kind of intelligence.  They have subtly forced me to change my posture in a way that has almost resurrected me and helped channel my energy. While there is a science in the measurement and diagnosis, I think there is also an art in the way they craft the shoes and supports.

‘I’m sold on Foot Solutions. As I said, I won’t be going anywhere else. Yes, the shoes and supports cost a bit more but they are also better quality and last longer. And most of importantly of all, they got rid of my pain and released a more positive energy.’