Whether you wear boots for work or play, we have a great selection of men’s boots that are designed to make your feet look and feel great. Boots can be a style statement or a practical choice to deliver optimal performance and style. Here at Foot Solutions, we have an excellent range of men’s boots that are designed to ensure that your feet are comfortable and pain free, whatever you are doing. From smart boots for work and special occasions to hiking boots that keep your feet in great shape while you’re on adventures, you’ll love the choice available in store.

Our ranges of men’s boots include styles from top quality brands such as Rockport, Finn Comfort, and Mephisto, and we will help you to find the options that best suit your feet and your lifestyle. Wearing shoes that fit your feet correctly will help you to avoid foot problems such as flat feet and plantar fasciitis. Boots that fit well will also help to support your ankles, knees and back, and it is very important to consider the impact on your body when you are selecting footwear.

Foot Solutions is not just a shoe store, and our service will change the way you think about your feet forever. Whether you have been experiencing pain in your feet or want to protect your feet against damage or injury, our experienced team of pedorthists will take the time to understand what your feet need. Our free foot assessment includes a full assessment of each foot, as well as using the latest biomechanical technology to carry out observations and foot mapping scans. We have a great range of shoes and boots for you to try, and our recommendations may also include custom arch supports and comfort socks, which can make a big difference to the way your feet feel.

Call into your local store today, or book an appointment online and find out how to make your feet feel great.

Availability of brands, styles and sizes may vary by location.