Choosing the Right Shoes for Back Pain

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Do you have back pain?  Have you tried home remedies, like stretches and back braces?  You may be surprised to learn that your back pain could actually be caused by your feet.  Our feet act as a support for the entire body.  If your feet are out of alignment or aren’t getting the appropriate support, you can experience pain from your feet all the way up through your knees, hips, and back.  Take note of when your back pain occurs.  Do you find that your back pain is worst while you are standing, walking, or running?

This can be an indication that your back pain is related to a gait abnormality or the way that your shoes fit.  When your feet aren’t getting the support that they need, they have to work extra hard to stabilize your body.  This can lead to pain all over the place.

If you have back pain, changing your shoes may bring you significant relief.  Read on to learn more about how you can choose the right shoes for back pain.

Get a Gait Analysis

Your gait is, quite simply, the way that you walk.  Do you walk on the insides of your foot, or the outsides of your foot?  Take a look at the bottoms of your shoes.  Where are they most heavily worn?

If your shoes are more worn on the outer edges of the foot, then this is an indication that you underpronate.  (This is also known as supination.)  This means that when you walk, you place most of your body weight on the outside edge of your foot, which causes your foot to roll outward when you walk.  Underpronating can lead to back, hip, knee, and ankle pain.

If your shoes are more worn on the inside of the foot, then you probably overpronate.  This means that are probably over-pronating, which is putting the majority of your body weight on the inside of your feet.  This forces the feet to roll inward.  Overpronating is hard on the arches of your feet; it can strain them and lead to fallen arches. As a result, overpronators can experience back and joint pain.

The middle ground is known as neutral pronation.  If your shoes are pretty evenly worn on the bottom, then you may be a neutral pronator.  This is a healthy and well-balanced gait.

Don’t rely on your own assessment of your shoe tread, though.  Visit Foot Solutions UK.  Our experienced fit experts will perform a gait analysis to determine what type of pronator you are.  With that information, we can help you find the best shoes for your individual needs.

Improve Your Posture

If you have an abnormal gait, you may also have poor posture.  When the gait is abnormal, we may stoop or lean in an unconscious effort to correct it.  You can improve your posture and help to relieve back pain by being more mindful of your posture.  Focus on walking with your shoulders back and your back slightly arched.

Wearing supportive shoes with orthotic inserts or arch supports can do a great deal to relieve back pain.  If you have back pain, don’t ignore it.  Instead, visit Foot Solutions in your area.  A new pair of shoes can bring you a great deal of relief.  Visit Foot Solutions UK to learn more about how supportive shoes and custom arch supports can relieve back pain.  Our fit experts can perform gait analysis and help you find the right shoes & inserts to help relieve your back pain.  Stop in for an assessment today.