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Did you know that many women suffer from foot pain, including bunions and hammertoes, due to the shoes they wear for work or for going out? Dress shoes, particularly those with high heels and narrow toe boxes, can spell big trouble for feet, and Foot Solutions has the answer. Our range of dress shoes for women include top brand names such as Ziera, Xsensible and Hassia, and you won’t need to choose between style and comfort.

Whether you are looking for classic, smart shoes to wear in the office or shoes to wear when you’re dancing the night away, we can help you to find comfortable and fashionable shoes that look and feel great. Our range of women’s dress shoes is designed to offer maximum support and cushioning to your feet, avoiding any of the potential pitfalls that are common to dress shoes, and we will help you to find the best options for your feet.

At Foot Solutions, we are much more than just a shoe store. We understand what your feet need, and our friendly staff team includes experienced pedorthists who will be delighted to help you. Our foot assessment service is completely free, and we will make a full assessment of each foot, including foot mapping scans, tests and observations. We will discuss your lifestyle with you and find out about any existing foot pain you may be experiencing, and we will make recommendations that are tailored to suit you. Our recommendations may include a combination of custom arch supports, well-fitted shoes and comfort socks, and you will feel the difference straight away.

Availability of brands, styles and sizes may vary by location.




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