Morton’s Toe

Morton’s toe is a common forefoot condition in which the second toe extends out farther than the big toe. This results when the long, finger-like bone inside the foot that connects to the big toe is congenitally shorter than the bone connected to the second toe.

Morton’s toe causes excessive pressure behind the second toe at the ball of the foot resulting in pain. The constant pressure placed on the second toe while walking or standing can lead to callus formation behind the second toe at the ball of the foot. Excessive rolling inward of the foot (over-pronation), bunions and hammer toes are also common with the condition.

Symptoms, Causes and Common Treatments

Morton’s Toe


  • Excessive pressure behind the second toe at the ball of the foot
  • Pain behind the second toe at ball of the foot


This condition is present from birth and is aggravated by wearing improperly fitted shoes

Common Treatments

  • Wear shoes that are long enough (i.e. buy footwear a half size to a size larger to accommodate the longer second toe)
  • Accommodate any bunions, hammer toes or overlapping toes with shoes that are wide enough and deep enough in the toe box
  • Add arch supports to address excessive inward rolling of the foot (over-pronation) and to keep the foot aligned
  • Add metatarsal pads to arch supports and/or shoes when necessary to take pressure off of any calluses under the ball of the foot

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