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Are you an adventurer? Whether you like to spend your time trekking in the bush or exploring the Irish coastline, you’ll need men’s hiking boots and shoes that are designed to protect your feet and prevent any unpleasant foot problems from developing. We can help you to choose the perfect option for your lifestyle and your feet, and our range of men’s hiking boots and shoes includes brands you can rely on, such as Merrell, Finn Comfort and Mephisto.

At Foot Solutions, we offer much more than an average shoe store, and we will be pleased to help you to get it right when you are making an important purchase such as hiking shoes or boots. Our team of experienced pedorthists will carry out a full assessment of each foot using the latest technology and digital analysis to to help identify any issues you may have. Our recommendations will depend upon where and when you will be using your hiking shoes or boots, and will be tailored to the unique requirements of your feet. Hiking shoes or boots for a jungle trek will be different to those needed to protect the feet on a winter mountain hike, for example, and finding the right footwear for your activities will help to protect your feet against damage and injury, keeping you active for longer.

We have a selection of men’s hiking boots and shoes to suit every taste and budget, and our free Foot Assessment can help you to find the right pair for your next adventure. We can advise you on comfort socks and arch supports to keep your feet in great shape while you are hiking, and this will enable you to spend more time on the trail in comfort, and less time nursing sore feet! Schedule a visit to meet one of our trained pedorthists at your local store, and you can set yourself up for success.

Availability of brands, styles and sizes may vary by location.