It’s Sandal Time!

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Summer is on the way! The winter months are behind us now and we’re dreaming of sunny days on the beach and out in the countryside, so it’s time to think about the perfect summer footwear! Many people dread getting into sandals and worry about foot problems such as bunions and calluses, so we’re here to help you get sandal-ready this year.

It’s time to focus on your feet so that you can be comfortable and happy in your sandals this summer. There’s no need to let your feet get you down, there are very few problems that cannot be addressed with a little time, attention and expert guidance, and here at Foot Solutions, we’ve seen it all before. You shouldn’t feel embarrassed or worried about your feet, simply make an appointment to come in and talk to us, and we’ll help you on your way to a fabulous, foot-friendly summer.

Embrace the Summer with fabulous footwear!

As Summer approaches, it’s time to take off your heavy shoes and boots and find lighter options for the warmer season. There are, however, some essentials to bear in mind when you are choosing summer footwear, and our top tips for choosing sandals are a great place to start.

Here at Foot Solutions, we have a team of friendly pedorthists who are on hand to give you practical and helpful advice to make sure your feet are on top form to take advantage of the summer – and those long sunny days we’re all dreaming of!


How to choose the perfect sandals

  • Think about comfort. Summer time can be tough on feet, and it’s important to protect them as they come under extra pressure. Many people choose sandals that are designed for fashion, but these do not usually have the support and cushioning that your feet need to stay in good shape. Here at Foot Solutions, you won’t need to choose between style and comfort, as we have an excellent range of sandals that are designed to protect and support your feet, whatever you are doing. Our sandals include top name brands such as Mephisto, Aetrex and Joya, and we will help you to find styles that suit your feet and your lifestyle. 
  • Prepare your feet for action. Your feet are likely to be working harder in the summer months, and will probably be on show more, too. This is a great time to prepare them with a little TLC to get them looking and feeling good. You should wash your feet every day and dry them well to avoid conditions like Athlete’s Foot, which can develop in problem areas, such as between the toes. Use a good quality moisturiser to give your feet a mini massage, working it into the heels and the soles of the feet, and you may wish to use a foot file or pumice stone to gently work on calluses or areas of hard or rough skin.
  • Avoid sunburn. Many people forget to put suncream on their feet, but burns are very common and can cause extreme pain! Take care to ensure you are only exposed to the sun for the recommended times each day, and don’t forget to put suncream on the tops and soles of your feet to avoid sore and potentially dangerous burns.
  • Put your feet up! It’s tempting to keep going all day long, especially when the sun is out and you’re exploring a new place, but this is very hard on your feet and doesn’t give them a chance to recover. Remember that ignoring any pains that develop in your feet may lead to debilitating foot conditions. It’s important to give your feet time to rest, and it’s ideal to raise them higher than your hips at least once a day in order to feel the full benefit. Foot problems such as plantar fasciitis and Morton’s neuroma are often caused by wearing unsupportive shoes for long periods of time, and these conditions will worsen if the feet are not rested. Recovering from conditions such as these usually involves long periods of rest and this can really spoil a holiday, so it is important to focus on prevention and take the time to give your feet a break.
  • Avoid flip flops. Flip flops are generally very bad news for feet, and this is because they do not have the cushioning or support that the fragile bones and muscles of the feet need in order to carry you around all day. Flip flops may be a useful option for walking around a swimming pool or using a public shower, but you should not be wearing them for long periods of time or to walk any distance, because this puts your feet under extreme pressure and could lead to painful foot conditions. Foot fractures and falls are also much more common in flat sandals or flip flops, especially those that do not have straps or heel and toe protection to prevent injury. You should also avoid choosing flat sandals with very thin soles, and taking the time to find sandals that can protect your feet as you are moving around will mean you can enjoy the summer much more and you won’t miss out due to foot pain.

Happy customers have happy feet!

At Foot Solutions, we believe that taking care of your feet is an essential way to stay active and live a healthy lifestyle, and the feedback from our customers tells us that we’re getting it right!

When we recently asked Paul O Donoghue one of our customers for a testimonial here’s what he had to say:

“I run a very busy Car Wash and Shop in Bishopstown in Cork.  Two summers ago I bought a cheap pair of flip flops for work in the heat. By September I was getting constant pain in my right foot and my doctor diagnosed it as plantar fasciitis something I had never heard of. After months of pain killers I went to a specialist and had injections into my heel (not a pleasant feeling) but this only worked for a period of time .The other avenue open to me was surgery which I did not want. Then from talking to a friend he told me to pay a visit to Foot Solutions on the Grand Parade which I did and I ordered a custom made pair of shoe inserts. I was scared to say it but after three to four days I was getting relief and within a two week period I was pain free.

It even changed my posture to become much straighter and now I won’t go anywhere without them. I would recommend anyone with back or foot pain to pay Foot Solutions a visit.”

For stylish, comfortable sandals in Ireland

Whether it’s work or play, prioritise your feet this summer, with sandals that are supportive and stylish, too. We will give you a free foot assessment and expert advice on how to get your feet looking great this summer, and you can try our new Spring/Summer collection (for both Men and Women) and feel the benefits for yourself. Just pop into your local store to talk to us, or book an appointment online today.