Live Better, Live Longer

As the new year begins, many people are focusing on getting healthier and exercising more. It’s a great time to set new targets and focus on creating achievable goals, and you can make a big difference to your long term health and fitness when you commit to making a change.

Many of us will be joining Operation Transformation, which kicked off this week on RTE, which sees hundreds of thousands of people all over Ireland focusing on getting healthier in 2019. You can find everything you need online here, including food plans, fitness plans and experts on hand to advise you.


Join Operation Transformation

Joining with others is a great way to stay motivated and ensure that you smash your health and fitness targets this year, and Operation Transformation makes this easier than ever before. Across the country, people will be joining up in their thousands to feel the benefits of this challenge and to share their commitment to change.

You’ll love the meal plans and healthy food ideas available online, complete with shopping lists to simplify the process for you. With simple video introductions, the fitness plan is designed to make a difference to everyone, no matter your age, fitness level or previous experience, and it really is about joining in and doing the best you can.

Are Your Feet Ready For Action?

Make sure your feet are ready for the positive changes that lie ahead with a visit to Foot Solutions. Our friendly team of pedorthists will help you to start off on the right foot by finding a solution that offer you the correct level of support and cushioning for your feet, and we can help to address any foot conditions you may be experiencing.

It is extremely easy to cause injury when embarking on a new exercise format – we aim to help prevent that. How? During our Foot Assessment we take the time to listen to our customers, to understand their history, lifestyle and exercise plan. At the end of the Foot Assessment we offer a full solution that can involve a combination of customised arch supports, well fitted shoes and comfort socks.

Wearing the right footwear and support for the exercise you are doing is very important especially to help prevent injury. After all our job isn’t done until we are happy that you have the solution you need to get out there and enjoy joining in all the activities in the Operation Transformation plan. Enjoy!

Run happy and injury free after a visit to Foot Solutions Ireland

Here at Foot Solutions, we can help you to prepare for a positive start to the new year. Simply pop into your local store to talk to our experienced staff, or make an appointment online today.