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Get relief from foot and joint pain today.

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Lower Kilmacud Road, Stillorgan
Dublin, A94 RC81
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The Foot Solutions Experience

  1. After scheduling an appointment or stopping by your local Foot Solutions, you’ll be paired with one of our foot experts highly trained in Pedorthics. Feel free to share any pains or concerns you’d like to address. We’re always here to listen!
  2. Your expert will provide a free 10 point analysis to evaluate a range of things including, but not limited to, your foot biomechanics, gait pattern, and any issues you may be experiencing. The analysis takes about 20 to 30 minutes.
  3. You’ll receive an expert recommendation to improve your foot health and alleviate any problems, and we’ll focus on a solution designed just for you. This could include custom orthotics and/or insoles, or a personalised footwear recommendation.
  4. After the evaluation and getting you checked out, we will stay in touch to ensure your foot wellness plan is succeeding.

How Foot Solutions Can Help You

We are experts in foot wellness. Our specialists provide a caring service that addresses the foundation of our customers’ health. We are champions of foot health & wellness, and our passion is using expertise to improve customers’ lives.

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What are Custom Orthotics?

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Our Custom Orthotic and Insole Options

  • Every foot is unique. We use a combination of expertise and technology to find the perfect custom fit to alleviate your foot and joint pain. The insoles that come with your shoes just can’t get the job done!
  • A precision tailored orthotic insert brings your body back into alignment and addresses the foundation of your health.
  • Custom orthotics are designed just for you after a professional evaluation and detailed mapping of your feet. They support the very foundation of your health, optimizing and maintaining the complex machinery that exists inside your feet.
  • Whether you’re an athlete looking to improve performance, or an on-the-go parent looking for arch support to alleviate foot and arch pain, our team has a variety of custom orthotic options to help keep life moving at your pace
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Foot Solutions Stillorgan
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5Star a month ago

My fiancé was told by his physio that he needed orthotics for an ankle injury. He went into Foot Solutions in Stillorgan and was very impressed with customer service and expertise of the staff (they are not medical, but very knowledgeable about all things feet). He purchased 2 sets of orthotics, one for his runners and one for his work shoes – not cheap but well worth the investment. He also bought a pair of Brooks runners – totally converted to Brooks since for running. He’s back running again, pain free and delighted. Defo worth it.

5Star 3 months ago

Excellent store 👌

5Star 5 months ago

Superb service would highly recommend

5Star 7 months ago

Good service.. Nice and friendly staff. Thanks.

5Star 9 months ago

Fantastic shop and service. Staff are amazing.