About Us

About Us

Who we are?

Foot Solutions Newbridge is the newest of the stores in Ireland. Opening its doors in early 2015. Located next to door to the White Water shopping centre, this modern store is easy to get to.

Why Choose Foot Solutions Newbridge?

Our expert staff members are dedicated to providing a lasting solution to your foot-related issues. Our staff are trained in foot pathology and biomechanics, so we can fit you with the right pair of shoes. We also want to understand your life expectations. Some people want to go for a walk in the evening, others are doing the Camino. Everyone is different. Only when we have a complete picture of both your feet and lifestyle, will we set about providing the perfect solution.

Our Aim

It’s all about your in-store experience – that’s what makes a visit to Foot Solutions unique. Our one on one assessment using the person’s lifestyle and in store gait analysis to come up with the right solution for you. Trust us, you will feel the difference! This assessment is free of charge.

We achieve this using our range of expertly designed and crafted shoes in combination with advanced custom arch supports. Our arch supports are created with the most current understanding of human biomechanics, combining the best of American and European technology in our own labs. With custom arch supports and ergonomically designed footwear, we can reduce, eliminate and prevent pain and trauma in the load-bearing joints of your body. The result is improved body alignment, balance and posture. Or put another way, a much improved quality of life for you.

Our Promises

  1. To listen to the customer’s needs and then look for a solution.
  2. To educate our customers on the importance of minding their feet and how to that with the aid of the right structured footwear and arch support.
  3. To find the perfect fit and give maximum comfort.
  4. To improve balance and posture.
  5. To get people back walking pain free again.

Our Clients

No matter where you are in your life’s journey, we can help. Whether you are a youngster or just young at heart, our mission is to provide you with a fuller, more active lifestyle. When you come in, prepare for a 30-minute free foot assessment, which includes our state-of-the-art computerized foot scan. From there, our experts will create a customized solution for your unique feet and lifestyle. Our promise to you – you will feel the difference!





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