Be Kind To Your Feet This Christmas

Christmas is always a busy time of year, and our feet can end up suffering as a result. Just think of all that shopping, standing in queues and attending parties, often wearing high heels or fashion shoes. It’s no wonder we often end up with tired, aching feet throughout the festive season!

This year, make it a priority to look after your feet at Christmas, and talk to our friendly pedorthists about the best ways to do this. Our experienced team at Foot Solutions can offer expertise in all aspects of foot care, and can help you to manage any foot problems and protect your feet from pain at Christmas and all year round. Get set for the forthcoming new year, and start January with comfortable, pain-free feet.

Take Care Of Your Feet

Did you know that a quarter of all the bones in the body of an adult are found in the feet? With 26 bones, 33 joints, 19 muscles/tendons and 107 ligaments in each foot, it is no surprise that the feet are susceptible to many different types of injury or pain. Problems such as fractures can be debilitating if not treated correctly, and there are many types of pain, often common to people who exercise a lot, which can lead to serious consequences.

Protecting your feet doesn’t have to be hard work, though, and here at Foot Solutions, we have a team of experienced staff who can help. We see customers with a wide range of foot conditions, and others who want to prevent any problems from developing, and we can work with you to find the very best options for your feet. For some people, this will involve a custom arch support to position the feet correctly in the shoes, and for others this may be a change in footwear style or adopting a gentle foot care routine. Read on to find out more about protecting your feet throughout the festive season.

Top Tips To Protect Your Feet At Christmas

There’s no doubt about it, our feet work extra hard at Christmas time. The good news, though, is that there are plenty of ways that we can help to take the pressure off. Here are our top tips for taking care of your feet this Christmas, so that you can feel fantastic all season.

Think of your feet when planning your shopping. Taking care of your feet means making them a priority this season. When you plan your Christmas shopping trips, think about where you will go and minimise the amount of walking you have to do in and around shops. Your feet will not thank you for an endless trek around the town, so take some time to strategise and work out the most foot-friendly way to get your shopping done. Of course, shopping online will be the easiest option for your feet, but this is not always the most practical or environmentally conscious choice.

Take care choosing footwear. The shoes you wear can make a huge difference to the comfort of your feet, and it’s important to think carefully about your choices. Take a trip to Foot Solutions and find a stylish but comfortable pair of shoes for Christmas parties, and don’t put pressure on your feet by standing or walking for too long in unsupportive shoes. High heeled shoes and flat shoes with no support in the soles can cause a great deal of damage to your feet, leading to conditions such as bunions and Morton’s Neuroma, so it’s really not worth the risk. If you have to get some Christmas shopping done in your lunch break or after work, make sure you change into supportive and comfortable shoes for your shopping dash!

Take a break. The festive season can feel endless, with socialising, hosting and shopping all putting a strain on your bank balance, your mind and your feet. It’s important to take care of yourself and take a break whenever possible in order to feel good throughout the celebrations. Whether you’re traipsing around the shops or cooking up a storm, don’t forget to sit down and rest at regular intervals, and if you can raise your feet above hip height, you’ll reduce the risk of swollen, achey feet. Although it’s tempting, try not to burn the candle at both ends. Getting up at the same time each morning has many benefits for your body, and ensuring that you stick to a regular bedtime and get as much sleep as possible will help to ensure that your Christmas celebrations are enjoyable for everyone.

Give your feet some TLC. We’d like to bet that you spend a lot of time thinking about others at Christmas, and trying to make things special for your loved ones. This is, of course, important, but it’s also vital to take some time out to ensure that you are getting what you need, to prevent yourself from becoming exhausted or developing a problem such as foot pain that will stop you in your tracks. You can treat your feet to a relaxing soak, which will feel wonderful if you’ve been standing or walking all day, and then dry them thoroughly and massage in a luxurious cream or oil and wrap them up warmly in some snuggly socks or slippers. This is a great way to thank your feet for all their hard work, and it can also encourage a good night’s sleep, which is another huge positive for a happy Christmas!

Don’t ignore pain in your feet. If you are experiencing any pain in your feet, you should visit a specialist as soon as possible. You can pop in to Foot Solutions for expert advice, or visit your doctor if the pain does not resolve when you address your footwear and lifestyle choices. No pain in the feet is normal, and many problems can worsen if they are not treated quickly. For example, a condition such as plantar fasciitis will become more painful and require a longer period of rest to recover from if you do not stop exercising when you notice the first signs of a problem. Whenever you feel pain in your feet, you should seek expert advice as soon as possible, and, in the meantime, avoid putting extra pressure on the affected area by exercising or by walking or standing for long periods of time.

Visit Foot Solutions To Address Foot Pain

Here at Foot Solutions, we know that it is important to take a holistic approach to ensure that your feet are comfortable at all times. Our trained pedorthists take the time to understand the background and history behind each customer’s visit to our store, and we take a multi-faceted approach which involves discussions, tests and scans to analyse exactly what each unique foot needs.

Jane Dowrick told us that she was preparing for her son’s wedding but was worried about being able to dance at the reception:

“I can’t wear high heels for more than a short time because I suffer from back pain and hip pain caused by one of my legs being slightly longer than the other. To make matters worse I also have a bunion… I decided to visit my local Foot Solutions store – and was so glad I did! I spent about an hour with their staff describing my problem and also undergoing a series of tests and scans to monitor my gait.

To my surprise and delight, they had a great range of very fashionable high heeled shoes and I chose ones which would be perfect for my son’s wedding. I selected a gold coloured pair of Ziera shoes and they looked brilliant. With the special insoles prescribed and supplied by Foot Solutions, I was ready for the big day.

The staff at Foot Solutions could not have been more helpful or professional. It was a lovely experience. I was on my feet wearing my new high heels from midday until well after midnight…I literally could have danced all night. It was wonderful – thanks to Foot Solutions.”

Whether you are preparing for a memorable Christmas or a special occasion, we are here to help and support you throughout.

Find Stylish And Comfortable Shoes In Ireland

You can get that ‘fresh legs’ feeling again, even after all of the extra exertions of the Christmas period. Our friendly team of pedorthists can help you to address any pain you are experiencing and keep your feet looking and feeling great throughout the festive season.

Whether you are looking for a solution to swollen feet or the perfect shoes for the Christmas party, we will be delighted to help you. Pop into your local store to see our latest collections, or make an appointment online today.