Custom Arch Supports Can Help More Than Your Feet!

If you’ve ever experienced foot pain or discomfort, you’ll understand how debilitating this can be. It isn’t easy to ignore pain in the feet, and when it limits your activity or worsens with movement, it can really stop you in your tracks.

Here at Foot Solutions, we see many people with foot pain and we find that a combined approach to the problem is usually the most successful solution. We will take the time to make a number of observations and tests and talk to you about your lifestyle and your needs, and then we will make recommendations that can ease your pain and prevent further problems from developing.


Our Full Solution:

Your personalised solution will be unique to you, but we often find that a combination of customised arch supports, comfort socks and supportive shoes can make an enormous difference to the health of your feet. Most people do not realise that their footwear has such a big impact on their health, and they simply do not know that custom arch supports can be life changing.

And you will be delighted to know we stock some of the worlds leading brands such as Mephisto, Brooks, Xsensible and Ziera.

Trina Horgan told us about the relief she experienced when she was advised to try custom arch supports:

“The difference was unbelievable! It took about two days to get used to the supports, but after that I was flying it. We were able to go on our walks around Kerry. I can walk into work in Cork city every morning and spend all day on my feet without any problems. When we go for a walk now, my friend says she can barely keep up with me!”


What are Custom Arch Supports?

Arch supports are designed to sit inside your shoes and support the feet in a better position, correcting alignment and providing cushioning as you move around. Many people could benefit from arch supports, especially if the shoes they are wearing have thin or hard soles.

Our custom arch supports are designed to fit your feet exactly, and are made from measurements taken by a professional fitter. We create a topographic map of each foot, using sophisticated digital technology, to identify areas which need extra support. Partial or full custom inserts can be helpful in treating and preventing common foot problems such as flat feet, shin splints and strain in the arch.


How Can Custom Arch Supports Help You?

Custom arch supports are created to fit your individual foot, and made in a laboratory from professional measurements. This means that they are unique to your feet and will provide the best support and comfort possible. But it’s not just about your feet! Here’s what custom arch supports can do for you:

1. Support your arches. The clue is in the name, of course, but arches that are not supported can lead to many painful foot problems. If not supported properly, the arch of the foot may start to collapse, or tears may develop in the tendons of the arch. Conditions such as plantar fasciitis may occur if the arches are not supported over time.

2. Absorb shock. Here at Foot Solutions, we prioritise good footwear with thick soles that can cushion the foot and absorb shock as you move. Custom arch supports can do this in a much more effective way, especially while you are exercising, and this can help to prevent conditions such as shin splints that commonly develop when feet are put under pressure without the correct support.

3. Align your feet. The alignment of your feet is vital to the alignment of your whole body, and having a deep heel cup in your insole is usually the best way to achieve an ideal position. This will place the foot in a good position and ensure that it is stable, preventing over pronation and protecting against strain.

4. Protect the balls of the feet. Some conditions, such as metatarsalgia, cause severe pain in the ball of the foot. A custom arch support will help to cushion the foot and position it evenly, to relieve areas of pressure and spread the weight of the body throughout the feet.

5. Prevent pain throughout your body. Incorrect alignment of the feet can affect alignment throughout the lower body and the spine, and lead to pain in many different areas of the body. If you experience knee, hip or lower back pain, or pain in the legs or ankles, you may discover that custom arch supports are the solution you need.

What Our Customers Say About Us:

Here at Foot Solutions, we think our service is something pretty special – but don’t just take our word for it! Our satisfied customers let us know exactly what it is that keeps them coming back to see us time after time.

When Anthony Lanigan came to see us, he was in such severe pain that his business was under threat. As his working day involves going up and down ladders, he was really struggling to cope with back pain and shin splints, and he had tried many unsuccessful treatments already. Anthony met Peter Jones from Foot Solutions at a trade show, and was introduced to the concept of customised insoles. After a visit to his local store, his custom made inserts were fitted and his pain disappeared. Anthony told us:

“I haven’t had a single problem with my ankles or shins since…I am still wearing them every day and I have had no problems with my feet. When I look at the relief I got after a visit to Foot Solutions, I think it was fantastic value for money.”


Get Back To Feeling Fit With Foot Solutions

Our philosophy is that everyone should be able to enjoy an active lifestyle without foot pain or discomfort, and we know that custom arch supports can be the key to this for many people. Frank Hegarty was delighted to be able to return to walking recently, after a visit to his local store:

“Foot Solutions took great care in measuring my feet and fitted me with the correct shoes. They introduced me to the xSensible range, which – I must say – together with the custom made arch supports and extra cushion socks, have greatly helped me to get back out walking again. In fact, I completed a 12 mile walk a short while ago, which I am delighted about.”


Choose Stylish And Comfortable Shoes In Ireland

Here at Foot Solutions, we have the experience and the solutions to help your feet look and feel great again. Our custom arch supports are created using the very best materials in our professional laboratory, and can be worn in most types of footwear, including sandals.

Don’t put it off, take action today to help your feet and body to feel better! It’s easy to take the first step when you book an appointment online now.