It’s Summertime At Foot Solutions!

The sun is shining, and here at Foot Solutions, we’re looking forward to a fabulous summer! Did you know, though, that summer can be a tricky time for your feet? While it is tempting to kick off your shoes and don flip flops for the warmer months, it’s important to be aware that feet can be more susceptible to damage and strain during the summer as we tend to be more active and wear less supportive shoe

The good news, however, is that Foot Solutions can help. There are many ways to protect your feet during the summer and ensure that they are comfortable and well supported, and we will work with you to find the best options for you. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy a full and active lifestyle, and we can help to improve your quality of life and prevent injury when you visit us for an assessment and try our recommendations.


We suggest booking an appointment to meet one of our expert pedorthists and have your feet assessed using a variety of observations, exercises and tests that will identify any areas of strain or pressure. We will take the time to really get to know you and your feet, enabling us to make suggestions that are personalised to you and your lifestyle and will help to resolve any pain you are experiencing immediately.




Why is Summer a Bad Time for Feet?

Our feet work hard to support us all year round, but they are likely to come under greater pressure in the summer months when we spend more time outdoors. Footwear choices in the summer can be problematic, and we recommend that you consider the following carefully to avoid any foot problems this year.


  • Swollen feet. Your feet are more likely to become swollen in hot weather, and also when you spend more time walking around than usual. This is why people often experience swollen feet while they are on holiday, exploring new places and soaking up the sun! The best way to treat swollen feet and legs is to ensure that you rest with your feet above your hips once or twice during the day, and to avoid eating foods that are very high in salt. Remember that if you experience uneven swelling that affects one leg or foot more than the other, you should seek medical advice as soon as possible.


  • Athlete’s Foot. Athlete’s Foot is a common condition all year round, but the conditions in the summer are perfect for it to grow and spread. You should avoid going barefoot in public places to prevent picking up the infection, and wear sandals or flip flops to walk between changing rooms and the pool if you are swimming. You should aim to keep your feet as dry as possible, drying carefully between the toes after showering, and choose socks made of natural materials that will wick the moisture away from your feet. Improving your footcare routine can help to prevent conditions such as Athlete’s Foot, and reducing sugar and yeast in your diet is very effective, but you may also wish to use an over-the-counter remedy to eliminate the infection.


  • Sunburn. Did you know that sunburn on the feet is very common? Many people get burned feet every year because they forget to apply sunscreen to this area, although they are very diligent about applying it to their shoulders and back. Sunburn on the feet can be very painful and can interrupt your holiday plans, as well as increasing your risk of developing skin cancer. If you do get burned, you can try submerging the feet in cool water. An area of skin that is sunburned will continue to burn for a long time, even if you are no longer in the sun, and you should wait until the skin is cool to the touch before applying any lotions or creams to avoid worsening the damage. When the skin has cooled, you can apply aloe vera to calm and heal, or try an alcohol free over-the-counter aftersun product.


  • Blisters. Blisters can result from many other foot problems in the summer, including sunburn, sweaty feet and poorly fitted shoes. If you have a blister, it is important to pad the area with a blister plaster, and to ensure that your choice of footwear is not making the situation worse. If you notice that your summer shoes are putting pressure on certain areas of your feet, take action straight away to prevent a blister developing!


  • Sweaty feet. Sticky, sweaty feet are never pleasant, whether they belong to you or to someone else in the room! Feet are much more likely to sweat excessively during the hotter weather, and especially if you are exercising more. Wearing shoes and socks that allow the feet to breathe is vital, and you may also wish to try a deodorising powder that can help to keep feet dry and improve the odour in your shoes. Changing shoes and socks regularly can be very helpful, allowing them to air and also reducing the risk of bacteria growth, which is most likely to occur in damp, dark conditions such as the inside of a shoe worn every day.


  • Summer shoes. As soon as the weather warms up, most people ditch their supportive, protective shoes and grab sandals or flip flips that can show off their feet in the sunshine. This may be tempting, but it is one of the worst things you can do for your feet. Flip flops, in particular, lack the structure and support that your feet need, and cause the toes to strain unnaturally to grip the shoe. Flip flops should be worn only for walking from the changing rooms to the swimming pool, as wearing them for longer periods than this can lead to problems such as plantar fasciitis and Morton’s neuroma. Damage to the feet is usually cumulative, so it can develop over several weeks of wearing the wrong shoes, and it can be a long process to reverse the situation. Talk to us at Foot Solutions about summer footwear options that will support and protect your feet as you enjoy your summer activities, and take the time to get it right so that you do not spend the brightest months of the year in pain! We have a great range of sandals that do not compromise on style or comfort, and we can help you to find something that you love.



Aetrex Flips and Slides (from Foot Solutions) have a full arch support and are an amazing alternative to flip flops. They also act as a recovery slip-on for runners and for homewear for Plantar Fasciitis sufferers.


Paul O’Donoghue explains how his footwear choices caused unexpected problems for him during a recent summer,


“I run a very busy Car Wash and Shop in Bishopstown in Cork. Two summers ago I bought a cheap pair of flip flops for working in the heat. By September, I was getting constant pain in my right foot and my doctor diagnosed it as plantar fasciitis, something I had never heard of. After months of pain killers, I went to a specialist and had injections into my heel (not a pleasant feeling) but this only worked for a period of time. The other avenue open to me was surgery, which I did not want. Then, when talking to a friend he told me to pay a visit to Foot Solutions on the Grand Parade, which I did. I ordered custom arch supports after advice. I was scared to say it but after three to four days I was getting relief and within a two week period, I was pain free. This even changed my posture to become much straighter, and now I won’t go anywhere without them. I would recommend anyone with back or foot pain to pay Foot Solutions a visit.”


Your experience is important to us, and our appointments usually last 30-40 minutes as we want to ensure that we are getting the full picture. This allows us to understand exactly what is happening for you, and to make recommendations that will get straight to the root of the problem.


Our Customers Tell Us:

We love to hear from our customers about the difference our suggestions have made to their feet. Denis Bruen told us:


“The problem started as I approached retirement age. I had been playing squash and badminton for at least 40 years. Walking was a problem, and then when I was on court, the pain got even worse. A friend suggested I try Foot Solutions. I spoke to a really helpful and sympathetic Foot Solutions associate. She explained why I had the problem, and suggested that arch support would certainly help. I have always been a little wary about ‘miracle cures’, but from the day I started to wear my new customised arch supports, I never looked back. I am playing better than ever and walking is a pleasure again! I move the arch supports from shoe to shoe, and have now purchased a second pair. Thank you to Foot Solutions!”


Our approach is multi layered, and this means that we can resolve individual variations and alleviate foot pain in different ways. We may suggest a combination of customised arch supports or orthotics, comfort socks and footwear that suits your feet and is supportive enough to protect them.


Relieve Your Foot And Arch Pain With Comfort Shoes

Whether you are seeking help to prevent injuring your feet while you are exercising, or you want to resolve an existing foot, knee or back problem, we would love to meet you and help to find the very best foot solution for you. Pop into your local store to talk to us, or book an appointment online today.