Run Strong! Developing as a Runner

Whether you are new to running or are an experienced runner looking to develop, there are many ways to make the transition easier. Finding out more about your running style and making supportive connections with others will help you to build more running into your life, and setting goals will give you a whole new sense of purpose.

Running is an excellent way to get moving, socialise and improve your fitness levels, and it doesn’t require a big investment to get started. It’s worth thinking about what you are wearing on your feet, however, as they will bear the brunt of your exercise regime and foot pain and injuries can slow you down or even stop you in your tracks.


Setting Goals to Stay Motivated

As with any form of exercise, setting goals for your running can help you to stay motivated. When you have identified your ultimate aims, you will be able to chart your progress as you move towards them, developing your new goals for the future as your fitness and endurance improve.

Setting goals for your running is fairly straightforward and most people begin by picking a race or route that they would like to conquer. If you have never enjoyed running before, you may find that a short charity run with friends is the inspiration you need to don your running shoes. However, if you are an experienced runner who wants to step it up to the next level, you may decide to aim for a marathon or a cross country event that challenges your current level of fitness.

Here’s our quick guide to setting effective goals and sticking to them:

Make a commitment to yourself. A goal is really a commitment to yourself that you will work hard to achieve something you want. If you are able to see yourself as worthy of this investment of time and effort, you are much more likely to succeed. It can help to write down your goal somewhere prominent to inspire you, or to write yourself reminders that encourage you and leave them around your house to help positively influence your mindset towards achieving your goal.

Share your goals. Research shows that telling other people about your goals has a positive effect on whether or not you achieve them, and that sharing your goals with someone you respect gives you a greater incentive to succeed. When you set a goal for yourself as a runner, if you share this with someone whose opinions you value, you are more likely to stick with it until you have achieved this goal.

Set yourself up for success. You cannot achieve your goals if you are using inadequate or faulty equipment, and here at Foot Solutions, we can show you the importance of running shoes that are suited to your gait and offer the right level of protection and support for your feet. Our personalised approach includes a comprehensive assessment of your feet, which usually takes 30-40 minutes, and is free of charge. We begin with a verbal consultation and then carry out a series of assessments and scans, creating a detailed map of your feet that enables us to make recommendations specific to you. We stock Brooks Runners, which have revolutionised exercise for many keen runners, and we can help you to find the right style so that you can feel the difference too.

Build up gradually. Don’t sign up for a marathon and then decide to run 26 miles immediately to test your abilities. The most worthwhile goals take planning and training, and it is a long process to increase your stamina and speed. Your training plan should start with your current level of fitness and gradually increase in intensity, and it may help to break your ultimate goal down into a series of smaller goals so that you can see yourself progressing in stages.

Work with others. Just talking about your goals with others can inspire you to greater success, but joining up with a friend or running partner with similar goals can make it much easier to maintain your motivation. A running partner who is training for the same race, for example, will help you to keep showing up to train, even if it’s raining, and you will encourage each other to progress more quickly. Read on to find out more about finding a running partner.

Meet Your Match: How to Find a Running Partner

As we have already discovered, running with a partner can help you to stay motivated and smash your goals more effectively. Finding the right running partner can be tricky, though, and it can help to have a few key points to think about when you are trying to work out whether or not you are compatible with another runner.

First of all, don’t assume that anyone else who enjoys running will make a good running partner. You may have very different approaches, or enjoy running at different speeds or in different locations. A slow jog through the local streets is very different to a high speed race across the open moor, for example. Talking with a potential running partner should help you to establish whether you like to run in similar ways, and you can ask how many times a week they like to train and how long they run for each time.

That said, don’t give up immediately if you find that you are running at different speeds, as this partnership may still work well. It may be that you both want a partnership to keep you accountable but do not actually need to run side by side, or you may find that one runner is happy to run more slowly and enjoy a conversation during your joint training sessions.

It’s worth taking the time to get to know other runners at your running club or gym, or even exploring the possibility of running with a friend or workmate in order to get yourself started with running or give your motivation a boost. You may find that little details need some discussion if both partners are not happy with the way running together is going. For example, if you want to chat while running, it will not work if your running partner is craving silence!

You may find that it works well for you to train with several running partners to gain different benefits from their approaches. If one partner is faster than you, this may motivate you to increase your speed, and if another helps you to get out and train even when you’re feeling tired, this can be a really good thing. Variety in a training routine is a positive, and you are likely to find it easier to reach your goals if you are part of a supportive network.


Brooks Runners at Foot Solutions

Brooks Runners are inspired by the life-changing potential of running, and they are a very popular choice for runners at every level. With almost 50 years’ experience of creating running shoes that outshine the competition, Brooks Runners are designed to give you the support, stability and flexibility you need to succeed, and you’ll love our range at Foot Solutions.

It’s vital that the shoes you wear while running are designed for the purpose, and an all-rounder training shoe could put your feet at risk of developing an injury or problem. Don’t risk ruining your training regime with a pair of running shoes that are not up to the job, simply visit your local store to try the best.

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Foot Solutions is a great place to start when you are experiencing foot pain or want to take care of your feet while running. Our customers tell us that they feel the difference straight away when we help them to find the best solutions for their unique feet and their lifestyle. Andrea Mahn told us:

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