Taking Care of Your Most Valuable Travel Asset: Your Feet!

Most of us love to explore new places on foot, and you may find that you walk a lot more on holiday or while you are travelling than you do at home. Walking around new cities or discovering trails in the countryside is great for your fitness and your travel experience, but can take it’s toll on your feet.


Looking After Your Feet While You Are Travelling

Taking the time to think about your feet and prepare yourself for the extra strain that comes with travelling can make a huge difference to your comfort and to your general fitness. Read on for our quick guide to caring for your feet while you travel.



Before You Go On Holiday:


  • Take care choosing footwear. Your footwear should be determined by the type of trip you are making, as a rainforest trek will require different shoes to a city hop in Europe. Always choose shoes at the end of day, as feet expand throughout the day and your new footwear will need to accommodate hot and swollen feet. Don’t scrimp on shoes that will not be suitable for the activities you intend to do, as you will certainly regret it!


  • Take expert advice. Here at Foot Solutions, our team will take a personalised approach, finding the very best options for you and your feet. Our thorough process can highlight the type of support that your feet need, and we can help you to stay comfortable and ready for anything throughout your travels. Our comprehensive assessment of your feet usually takes 30 minutes, and is free of charge. We begin with a verbal consultation and then carry out a series of assessments and scans, providing us with a detailed map of your foot that enables us to make recommendations specific to you.


  • Practice makes perfect. As with any shoes, you cannot expect to put your travel footwear on for the first time and feel great all day. It is not wise to save your travel footwear for the day you travel, but to build up and break new shoes in gently. Wear them for short times, indoors only at first, and allow your feet to become accustomed to them gradually. This will prevent rubbing and blisters and will help you to identify and check out any discomfort or concerns before you leave.


  • Pack with care. Spare footwear is a must, and comfort socks that will wick away moisture and keep your feet clean and healthy will be invaluable to you when you are travelling. Don’t forget that you may need thicker socks to sleep in if you will be in an area that gets cold at night, and you may need extra socks to change into to prevent blisters and rubbing if your socks get wet while you are walking, for example.


  • Prepare your feet with TLC. Avoid scouring your skin with a pumice stone or having a professional pedicure just before you leave as this can leave skin raw and vulnerable. Instead, opt for a massage to relax your feet and a good moisturising cream that will keep them feeling nourished and smooth on your journey.


Starting Out On Your Trip:


  • Put your feet up. It can be tricky to stretch out when you are using public transport or flying, but take every opportunity to raise your feet if you can, especially if you are waiting in a station or an airport. Raising your feet above your hips is great for your circulation and can help to prevent swelling and pain in the legs and feet. If you cannot manage this while you are travelling, remember to do it as soon as you reach your destination to allow your feet to recuperate before you begin to explore.


  • Consider support stockings. Medical grade support stockings are designed to protect against deep vein thrombosis as well as pain and swelling in the feet and legs, and they can be a great option when you are travelling on a plane. If you have a history of circulatory problems, it is a good idea to discuss this with your doctor before you travel.


  • Stretch it out. The negative effects of airplane travel on circulation are well known, and experts have long advised taking a walk up and down the cabin every few hours during a long flight. This is still sound advice, but you can also help to make the journey easier on your feet by doing some stretching exercises from the comfort of your own seat. Stretching and pointing your toes, and circling your ankles, will help to improve your circulation and keep your feet in great shape while you travel.


  • Give yourself some barefoot time. Being contained in dark, moist shoes for hours on end will not make your feet feel great while you are travelling. When you are on the plane or train, there’s nothing to stop you from slipping your shoes off and giving your feet a break – as long as you have taken care of them beforehand so that they are clean and will not offend the other travellers, of course!




While You Are Away:


  • Be kind to your feet. Exploring a new place on foot is a great way to see the sights and keep yourself fit, but it will be much more enjoyable if you take care of your feet. If you are walking a long distance during the day, take time out to rest and try to elevate your feet if you can. It’s a good idea to vary your activities so that you are not doing several long days of walking, for example, since this will not allow your feet the chance to recover. If you are taking part in a trek that involves long walks every day, be extremely careful with the footwear you choose and ensure that you check your feet regularly to avoid problems developing.


  • Warm up and down. If you will be walking or running, or taking part in any athletic activities while you are away, you should be sure to warm your muscles up and down carefully. Stretching out the muscles in your legs and feet before you begin your exercise will help to avoid injuries, and you should also allow them to cool down with gentle stretches after you have finished.


  • Check your feet carefully. It is important to be aware of the health of your feet, and you can make a daily check to ensure that they have not sustained any injuries that you have not noticed. If you feel any pain in your feet, it is a good idea to get this checked out straight away to avoid serious problems developing. Problems such as tendonitis and Morton’s Neuroma often begin with small aches and pains, so do not risk ignoring these signs that your feet are under too much pressure.


  • Love your feet. Make sure you have the equipment you need to keep your feet in good shape while you are away, including plasters to prevent or cover blisters, moisturiser and sunscreen. A nightly foot massage can help to improve circulation and refresh tired feet, and you should also ensure that you are taking in enough fluids to keep your feet and your body well hydrated.


When You Get Home:


  • Now that you have returned from your travels, it’s vital to take some time to recover and rest your feet and legs, especially if you have given them a tough time during your trip. Take the opportunity to sort through your photos and catch up with your loved ones while you sit with your feet up and enjoy some home comforts!


  • Get any pain check out. If you have sustained any foot pain or injuries during your trip, you should follow this up on your return with your GP. Our experienced team of pedorthists at Foot Solutions can help you to identify the cause of any pain you are experiencing, and can advise you on the best course of action.


  • Learn from your experience. It’s easy to forget what worked and what did not, so it’s a good idea to jot down some notes after your trip while it is still fresh in your mind. Then you can put your feet up and plan your next trip!


Our Customers Tell Us…

Visiting Foot Solutions is a great way to find a lasting solution to foot pain, whether you are travelling or staying close to home. Our customer feedback is very important to us, and we love to hear from people who have benefited from our services.


Cosmas O’Donnell told us,


“I have fallen arches so my knees tend to take the strain. A good friend suggested I visit Foot Solutions.


I booked a complimentary Foot Assessment which included a questionnaire, an assessment of how I walk and a scan of my feet to understand pressure points. I was recommended a set of custom made arch supports and cushioned shoes. The result has been amazing, honestly it was like getting my life back! I can now continue with the sports I love to play, and do my job without constant nagging pain.”


Visit Foot Solutions For Comfortable Feet In Ireland

 You will have a much better travel experience if you are kind to your feet, and preparing beforehand means you can really make the most of your trip. Whether you have existing foot pain or want to prevent any problems arising, Foot Solutions is the best place to start.


You can pop into your local Foot Solutions store to meet our friendly team of pedorthists, or book an appointment online now. We will be delighted to meet you and help you on your way to happier feet!

Do you love to travel? Whether you like to plan ahead or pack at the last minute, you may not have given enough thought to the most valuable travel asset you possess: your feet!


Most of us love to explore new places on foot, and you may find that you walk a lot more on holiday or while you are travelling than you do at home. Walking around new cities or discovering trails in the countryside is great for your fitness and your travel experience, but can take it’s toll on your feet.