We’ve seen it all at Foot Solutions!

Here at Foot Solutions, we see people with many different types of foot pain and discomfort. We work hard to find the best options for each individual, and we firmly believe that everyone should be able to lead a full and active life without experiencing pain in their feet, lower legs or back.

Many people worry about visiting a pedorthist – especially if they feel self conscious about their feet. However, our expert team really have seen it all before! It can help to understand what happens in a Foot Solutions appointment, so that you can prepare yourself for the experience and look forward to having comfortable and happy feet!




What We Do at Foot Solutions:

A visit to Foot Solutions is all about finding a personal solution that keeps your feet comfortable, whatever you are doing. It’s important to match your footwear to your activity level and find shoes that work for exercise, work and casual wear, and we can help you to choose stylish and comfortable options for every day.

Our comprehensive assessment of your feet usually takes 30-40 minutes, and is free of charge. When you arrive, we will ask you to fill in a quick form about your general health and remove your shoes and socks, and then one of our pedorthists will take you through the following process:

  1. A short verbal consultation. It is very important that you discuss any foot pain that you are experiencing with a pedorthist so that he or she can recommend appropriate measures to resolve the pain and correct the underlying problem that is causing it. Understanding your lifestyle, your history and your experiences will help your pedorthist to make recommendations that are appropriate and beneficial for you.
  1. Foot measurements. Shoes that fit correctly can make a huge difference to the way your feet feel, and professional measurements are a good place to start. We will take accurate measurements of your feet that allow us to assess the heel to toe length, the length of the arch and the width of the foot, since all of these provide essential information that enables us to find the best footwear for you.
  1. A physical assessment. A physical assessment of the foot is vital in order to identify any physical anomalies and check the flexibility. Your pedorthist will palpate your foot gently to ensure that there is no physical damage and check for signs of pressure or strain.
  1. A gait analysis. Your pedorthist will make a visual analysis of the way in which you walk, which is also known as your gait. This takes into account the way the weight is distributed through the feet as you walk, and can help to highlight any areas of discomfort or pressure, as well as enabling you to develop an understanding of why you may be experiencing foot pain.
  1. A foot scan. A basic scan of the foot can give a digital picture of the pressure points and arch type of the foot, and this is very helpful when there is any pain or pressure within the foot. This may be used to help create a customised arch support, which can redistribute the weight and provide support for the foot.
  1. A scan to provide a digitised contour map of the sole of the foot. This advanced scan that can ‘map’ your sole precisely is the most useful tool in creating customised arch supports. This is a quick and easy process.
  1. A balance test. Your ability to balance can have an important effect on your feet, influencing the amount of weight that is supported by each part of the foot, and this will conclude your unique assessment.

Now your pedorthist is in the position to recommend a solution that is personalised to you. This may include different footwear, which can be tried in store and custom arch supports which are designed to fit your foot exactly.


What Do Our Customers Say?

 We are delighted that our customer feedback is so positive – it’s the reason we love our job! Finding the Foot Solutions difference can be life-changing for people of all ages in Ireland, and Dr Padraig Kelly told us about his experience.

After qualifying as a junior doctor, Padraig Kelly was glad to begin his first placement. He knew that the job would be incredibly demanding, but was not expecting it to put so much pressure on his feet!

“While my work was – and remains – very intense, I was not prepared for the aching feet and sudden back pain that I began experiencing… I persisted on, thinking things would improve, until eventually I decided I would have to take serious action. I went into my local Galway branch of Foot Solutions and met the highly efficient, dedicated, friendly staff there, under the guidance of Marian, the Manager.

I was measured, made to do certain leg movements and asked to discuss the problems I was experiencing. I was sceptical throughout, but the staff put me totally at ease; in fact, once the store insoles were placed in my own shoes, I could immediately feel the difference. I ordered my very own personal insoles, unique for me and the type of footwear I regularly use. I also ordered a pair of extremely comfortable shoes for everyday work-wear.

I had a few weeks’ wait while my insoles were being made up. It was worth the wait – they were a fantastic fit for my feet. The girls advised me that I would need to break them in – wear them for a few hours initially and gradually build up the amount of time each day that I was wearing them.

To be perfectly honest, I can’t believe the difference to the quality of my life since I got the insoles. I have no more back pain. I was also on the brink of developing bunions due to incorrect shoe size, and I had bad posture. I am much happier and confident… The best money I have spent since I started work was in Foot Solutions.”


Don’t Put Off Seeking Help For Foot Pain

Many people, like Padraig, suffer in silence for extended periods of time before visiting us to ask for help to resolve their foot pain. We would always advise you to seek help as soon as possible to avoid damaging your feet further, and we recommend that you visit us at the first sign of any problems – or before, if you want to prevent problems from arising in the first place.

Many painful foot conditions, such as bunions and hammertoes, develop over long periods of time. This means that every day that you wear a poorly fitted or unsupportive pair of shoes contributes to the problem, and there is no easy solution to conditions such as these. Prevention is always better than cure, as the old saying goes, and the sooner you begin to take care of your feet, the better they will feel as you age.

Apart from all of the benefits mentioned above, a visit to Foot Solutions is an excellent way to learn more about your feet and how they work. Emma Noonan, from Greystones in Co Wicklow, told us,

“I was absolutely fascinated with the technology used in store and how much I was able to learn about my feet!”

Our multi-faceted approach combines experienced and expert staff with advanced technology and equipment that can help us to do our jobs even more effectively, and this means that we can offer the very best understanding and answers to you, our customers.


Visit Foot Solutions For Comfortable Feet In Ireland

 Whether you are an athlete looking for training improvements and tips on protecting your feet, or you are experiencing foot pain that is threatening your mobility, we can help. We work with customers at every stage of life and in every situation, and we can help to find a resolution to your foot, knee or back pain.

Here at Foot Solutions, our team has the experience and the expertise to find a personalised solution for every customer. Our custom arch supports are very popular, and have been life changing for many, many people across Ireland. It is important to us that you can enjoy a fulfilling and active life, and we know that we can help you to feel better every day.

You can come and feel the difference for yourself when you book an appointment online now.