Our Survey Results are in !

  • Over 80% experience some kind of foot pain
  • 1 in 5 have not got their feet measured since childhood.
  • Comfort wins out over fashion.


Biggest bug bearers – Arch pain, plantar fasciitis & bunions ……

Of those that answered our survey (148 customers), 80% experienced foot pain in the past 2 years, arch pain, plantar fasciitis and bunions being the most common complaints.


1 in 4 have not sought professional help………

While the majority sought professional help through their GP, chiropodist, podiatrist and visiting Foot Solutions, there are still 1 in 4 who did not seek professional advice to relief the pain. The importance of seeking relief cannot be under-estimated, especially considering half of respondents believed foot pain causes pain in other parts of the body.

While the majority (86%) claim they place as much importance on foot pain as they do with back, neck and knee pain, the fact that 1 in 4 seem to be living with foot pain would not support this.


1 in 5 have not got feet measured since childhood………

Here at Foot Solutions we are always highlighting the importance of wearing the right fit. Results from this survey reveal that as high as 1 in 5 respondents have not got their feet professionally measured since their childhood ! We would encourage all our customers to visit us soon to rectify this, while your feet do not keep growing ……..your shoe size does change over time. As we age, the foot structure and size may change due to an alteration in the position of the bones in the feet. This happens due to loosening of ligaments that hold our bones together and also a weakening of muscles that support the structure of our feet, so the message is make sure your feet are measured everytime you purchase new foot wear.


65% recognise the importance of custom made orthotics.

65% of respondents have visited Foot Solutions for our custom made arch supports with 10% buying pre-made orthotics, what was interesting was a further 10% feel they probably should be wearing arch supports but are not.

Some people worry that they cannot wear their favourite high heels if they need to wear orthotics, here at Foot Solutions we have slim orthotic insoles you can wear in high heels. Awareness of this is very low (80%) so for all you high heel fans, pop in today and have a look !


Comfort wins out over Fashion

It was encouraging to see that comfort won out over fashion, respondents clearly recognize the importance of healthy feet ! 92% agreed with the statement that comfort is more important than fashion and only 15% are willing to suffer foot pain in order to look good. However, remember thankfully here at Foot Solutions we can cater for both fashion and comfort. Check out some of our summer sandals for both Women and Men.


Thank you to all who answered our survey, and well done again to Norma Gleeson from Limerick who won the 100 euro Foot Solutions voucher.