Pamela Parkin

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Retired civil servant Pamela Parkin had suffered with painful discomfort in her feet for more than 40 years.

Her hereditary problem involved bunions and hammer toes : this condition in turn caused painful calluses on the toe joints and severely affected her walking.

Pamela, who lives in Plymstock, was thrilled when her health provider prescribed specially made orthotic insoles. The problem was she faced a wait of several months for the insoles to be delivered – and her feet were getting worse all the time.

Pamela takes up the story: “I was walking down Royal Parade and I noticed that there was a new shoe shop called Foot Solutions.

“I looked at the advertisements in the window and realised that they might be able to help me.” Pamela went into the store and after an intensive consultation,including scans and other tests, she was supplied with customised insoles and shoes called Stretch Walkers, which are stocked exclusively by Foot Solutions.

Stretch Walkers feature stretch technology that lessen the load on the joints of the feet and also encourage good posture.

They also provide comfort and support for the feet and toes and Pamela was delighted with the difference they made. “I was due to attend a 60th birthday party and wanted shoes that were not only comfortable, but also looked smart. Stretch Walkers were the answer for me,” she said.

“I go swimming with friends several times a week and they all remarked on how I was walking not only better, but also more upright. They even noticed that my footprint on the side of the pool looked more normal.”

Pamela later purchased a more formal pair of Wolky Shoes from Foot Solutions for her grandaughter’s wedding. “They fit me perfectly and helped make it a very special day,” said Pamela.

Since her first visit to Foot Solutions, Pamela has undergone surgery on both her feet to try and deal with the problem. “It has been a painful process, but finding Foot Solutions has helped me to cope with my condition,” she added.