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Premium Footwear

We are proud to partner with some of the world’s foremost footwear products. Every season we travel to meet manufactures and brands from around the world to find the most comfortable and highest quality footwear.

We work predominantly with brands that produce footwear which is specifically designed to accommodate orthotics.

Wold Class Orthotics

We have partnered with some of the worlds leading orthotic manufactures who are dedicated to manufacturing market leading world class orthotics.

Our expertise is understanding how to combine the highest quality and most appropriate footwear with truly custom and world class orthotics. This allows us to provide the optimal solution for our customers.


We have a vast range of orthotics to cater for everyone’s needs and budget. Our prices range from € 70 to €400 depending on the customers individual needs and requirements.


We carry an extensive range of orthotic friendly footwear, from comfort to dress, therapeutic, walking, hiking and athletic. Our prices range from €140 to €350 depending on the unique requirements of our customers.


We also carry an extensive range of appropriate accessories to complement our orthotic and footwear programme. These include sock, knee braces, ankle braces, sprays and footcare accessories.

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Our Foot assessment is free of charge and completed in-store by one of our trained pedorthists. Let us help you.

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