Steve Morgan

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Steve Morgan loves attending concerts at London’s many music venues.
However, in recent years, his enjoyment has been increasingly marred by foot and back pain that prevented him standing for prolonged periods.

A keen sportsman, Steve, 44, has a high pain threshold, but about a year ago the discomfort became debilitating, limiting both his mobility and quality of life. Recommended by a work colleague whose mother had been successfully treated for a similar complaint, Steve made an appointment for a free, no obligation assessment at Foot Solutions. “The assessment was detailed, rigorous and really interesting” explains Steve. “All the consultants at Foot Solutions are highly-trained specialists and really know their stuff. I learnt that I have over-pronating feet which means that my arches flatten on impact with the ground. The recommended treatment was customised arch supports. The consultant explained the benefits without applying any sales pressure. After consideration, I decided to proceed with the purchase.”

Have the arch supports helped? “They’ve been an absolute godsend” says Steve, “The foot pain has been massively reduced and the back pain has completely gone. I can now enjoy a night out with hardly any discomfort. Plus, my balance and posture have improved so much that I’ve realised that I’m taller than people I thought were bigger than me!”

Would he recommend Foot Solutions? “Definitely” confirms Steve, “Foot Solutions are massive in America and it’s easy to see why. The assessment process is excellent, the products are superb and the staff are outstanding.”

If you’re suffering from foot, back or joint pain, contact Foot Solutions today to arrange a free foot and gait analysis.