About Us

Who we are

Foot Solutions in Stillorgan is a franchise business which opened its’ doors in July 2010 in Irelands’ very first shopping centre (Stillorgan Village Shopping Centre celebrated 50 years last summer).

Sean and Blanaid Farrell are the owners and before opening for business they undertook several courses in Foot and Gait Biomechanics and shoe fitting at Foot Solutions Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.  Foot Solutions Headquarters is home to the Academy of Pedorthic Science whose training has been developed in partnership with Kennesaw State University.  The Academy in Atlanta is one of only a few such organisations in the United States.

At HQ in Atlanta both Sean and Blanaid achieved certification as Pedorthics and expert shoe fitters.  Then they continued with over 2 more years of training at Foot Solutions Ireland HQ in Cork. Foot Solutions do not profess to be a medical facility but the team working at the Stillorgan store have been highly trained in Biomechanics, shoe fitting and in recognising common foot problems. Training is a continuous operation at the store and Brenda (Manager), Blanaid (director) and other up to date trained staff are constantly on site to overview each customer’s experience. We work very closely as a team to deliver a pleasant and holistic experience and spend lots of time listening to each customer to ensure that we deliver the correct solution.

We use leading edge technology and products made with skilled craftsmanship to offer our customers relief from pain and discomfort.G.P.s, Podiatrists and Orthopaedic Surgeons are very happy to send their patients down to us when they prescribe the need for customised arch support and/or to be fitted with shoes which are specifically designed to address certain gait issues.


As we have already alluded to, we do supply specifically designed footwear which can address certain gait problems.  But, it is important to say that we also stock every day, stylish and comfortable shoes/boots/sandals to fit the average person. Of course we do cater for the wider foot too but it’s important to stress that our wider shoes are stylish so that even wide footed ladies can feel good! That’s really important to our team in Stillorgan and our customers are constantly surprised at the style we offer! We are proud of that!