Aled Hughes

Aled Hughes

“My name is Aled Hughes – I own and run a sports coaching business called Codex Kids and Speed4sports. We coach and teach children and teenagers aged 3-19 year olds. As you can imagine I am on my feet all day, either running or standing.

A while ago I started to get dreadful pain in one of my heels – I tried to ignore it hoping that it would just go away (big mistake!). But of course it didn’t! Then I was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis and was given a daily exercise routine. I had to stretch out my calf muscles before any activities, which I did regularly. The exercises did help but the pain in my heel persisted. Then one day I did a 10K hill run and the pain after it was unbearable – I could hardly put my foot on the floor!

I had seen advertising for Foot Solutions and as I live close by, I decided to go into the Stillorgan store to see if they could help me. Sean and Carolyn gave me lots of information on how they could help. They did explain that Plantar Fasciitis is one of the most difficult foot conditions to heal. They advised me to keep up the exercise routine but they also put me through their free Foot Assessment which involved taking a history of my lifestyle, measuring my feet and using their high tech machinery to identify how I was carrying pressure on my feet. I also told them that I have continuous knee pain and they explained that wearing correct Arch Support would also align the feet thereby taking pressure of the ankles and knees. They explained that the arch supports would also play an important role in supporting my arches, helping the damage to my Plantar Fascia to heal. I was then scanned for Customised Arch Supports and advised to wear them daily in my sports shoes.

I have been wearing my Customised Arch Supports for a few months now and am thrilled to tell you that the pain has completely gone from my heel. I now no longer have to go through lengthy calf stretches before I head out to work every day or even before my Thursday night competitive game of Tennis!!!
I cannot recommend strongly enough that anybody suffering with Plantar Fasciitis or any other foot or knee pain should pay a visit to Foot Solutions. Thanks to them I no longer dread going to work each day!”