Mother’s Day Competition – Foot Solutions Stillorgan

3rd March 2015

Worth your while going onto our Facebook page to like and share this! Do it now as the new Spring Summer styles have just come in and your Mum would have the pick of the best – and doesn’t she deserve it???

Serena Ferrick – star of Foot Solutions Advertising Video campaign gets married! Congratulations Serena and Shaun

16th February 2015

Late Opening til 7pm on Thursdays – Foot Solutions Stillorgan

15th September 2014

Over the years we have been asked by customers to open a little late at least one evening a week. Well, we do like to please our customers so from 1st September Foot Solutions in Stillorgan will open ’til 7pm on Thursday nights. Because a lot of our customers work til 5.30 we anticipate these… View Article

Step Smart for Drop Foot Sufferers

20th August 2014

TV endorsement for Aetrex shoes

21st July 2014   Watch this TV presentation where Larysa DiDio, celebrity personal trainer and fitness author explains how important it is to wear correct shoes when training – apparently when you feel more comfortable you will be more likely to build on your training programme! Aetrex runners stocked in all Foot Solutions stores throughout Ireland.  Fantastic… View Article

Sever’s Disease

4th January 2014

href=””> Sever’s Disease Heel pain is less common in children than adults. Of those children who do get heel pain, by far the most common cause is an irritation to the growing area at the back of the heel bone (the Calcaneus) where the strong Achilles tendon attaches to it. This is known as Sever’s… View Article

Corns and Calluses

4th January 2014

Corns and Callus Corns and calluses are some of the most common problems seen by Podiatrists. They occur as a result of pressure on the skin.Your body responds to the pressure by building more skin, for protection. However if the pressure on the skin continues then the skin thickens further and can become painful. A… View Article

Information for all you suffers of Nail Fungal Infections!

11th December 2013

Who gets fungal nail infections? Between 3 and 8 out of 100 people in the UK will have a fungal nail infection at some stage of their lives. Toenails are more commonly affected than fingernails. It is more common in people aged over 55, and in younger people who share communal showers, such as swimmers or… View Article

6th December 2013

Christmas Gift Ideas Xmas Gift Voucher Are you wondering what to buy your Mum, Dad, Granny, Grandad oryour favourite Aunt or Uncle – why not give them the true gift of comfort with a Foot Solutions Gift Voucher. They can drop in anytime they like to have the Foot Assessment and then use the Gift… View Article

Fiver Friday – What Foot Solutions in Stillorgan can offer you!

6th December 2013

Foot Solutions in Stillorgan have joined the Fiver Friday campaign and are offering €5 off any Customised Arch Support or Pair of Shoes bought on Friday 6th December. We believe Fiver Friday is a wonderful campaign to help kick start the economy again – well done Joe!