Runners Knee

laufendes skelett mit schmerzen in den knienRunners Knee or more properly called Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (quite a mouthful!) is a very common injury seen in runners, athletes who have repetitive knee bending movements and believe it or not also people who are seated all day be it at a desk or driving. But, once it is diagnosed it is fairly easy to cure with a combination of appropriate footwear, support and exercises.

The most likely cause of Runners Knee is bruising of the bone where the ligament inserts into the kneecap, caused by repeated bending of the knee. It can also be

caused by direct trauma to the knee such as a fall or blow to the area. It can also be a result of flat feet or over pronation (ankle rolls inwards) causing the muscles and tendons to overstretch.

The most common symptoms of Runners Knee are;

• Swelling

• Popping or grinding sensation in knee

• Pain behind/around kneecapruniverse-runnersknee

• Pain that’s worse when walking downstairs or downhill

So what can you do to prevent this injury or if you are suffering from Runners Knee what can you do to recover?

1. Strengthening and stretching exercises are very important. People withRunners Knee often have weak Glutes (buttocks) and Quads (front of your thigh). Strengthening these muscles will reduce the weight going through the knee.

2. Custom Arch Supports that can be worn in your shoes to correct your foot position therefore reducing the pressure going through the kneecap are very important

3. Correct fitting and supportive footwear

4. Avoid prolonged postures. If your pain comes on after sitting for long periods, try to avoid keeping your leg still for too long.

If you are suffering from Runners Knee or any other knee pain, call into us and let us guide you through our Foot and Gait Analysis where we will give you advice on corrective footwear and Arch Supports.