Tommy and his family delighted with Foot Solutions!

Tommy and his family delighted with Foot Solutions!

Radio Testimonial did the trick!

Tommy Byrne heard our Triona Horgan testimonial on the radio and thought “I wonder if Foot Solutions can do anything for me?” He made an appointment and drove up from Wicklow to Foot Solutions in Stillorgan to have his Foot Assessment.

Tommy’s Foot Assessment

During the assessment he revealed how he’d been diagnosed with club foot as a child and had had his left foot fused as a result. This has always made life difficult for Tommy in that he struggled to find balance and walk properly (mind you that didn’t stop him; with pure determination Hill Walking has always been a big part of his life!). He’d been wearing one Arch Support for years which of course affected his balance. He told us that at times he knew that people looked at him funnily, thinking he was drunk – but it wasn’t that, he just couldn’t hold his balance when standing.

Tommy likes to wear boots (because they give his ankles best support) so on the day, to keep him going, he was fitted with an Over The Counter pair of Bauerfeind arch supports, fitted into a pair of Finn Comfort walking boots. The result was instant. Even his friend who was sitting there throughout the whole assessment was gob-smacked at how much straighter and more balanced Tommy was – he said ‘I’ve never seen Tommy walk so straight and up-right and with so much confidence!’

A customised pair of Arch Supports were also made for Tommy, customised especially for his unique feet. When these were fitted into his boots he found the support amazing and was walking even straighter and with more balance.

Tommy’s mother and sister were amazed at difference!

During his check-up Tommy told us that his mother and sister are absolutely amazed at improvement in his balance and walk! We explained that our job is to help keep people moving and walking and especially in his case to keep him doing what he loves most – Hill Walking! Delighted to have met you Tommy and we look forward to years of dealing with you. It is wonderful to witness how pure determination can help people with congenital foot problems keep doing the thing they love!

Tommy said that he really wanted to write this testimonial because he hoped that if somebody with any kind of foot problem reads it, it might encourage them to come into Foot Solutions and get the help he got. Appreciate that Tommy!

Tommy, you were a joy to work with!
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