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Q.How soon can I see you?
A.You can walk in any time or call 01 2121040 to make an appointment.
Q. Do I need a GP referral?
A. No you don’t but if your GP has suggested you visit Foot Solutions it would be great to bring his prescription along.
Q. Do you have a returns policy?
A. Yes we do – our returns policy is 30 days as long as products are in resalable condition (ie Not worn).
Q. If I have foot or walking/running problems should I visit Foot Solutions Stillorgan?
A. Yes – absolutely. We can do a Foot Assessment to see if we can identify any issues and supply supports (if needed) and Brooks Runners to help with running and other footwear to help with daily walking issues.
Q. What are orthotics?
A. At Foot Solutions we call them Custom Arch Supports. Orthotics/Custom Arch Supports are custom made insoles which fit into our shoes (or other suitable shoes) to help improve movement and balance and to address other issues identified during the Foot Assessment.
Q. What should I bring to my appointment?
A. Just bring your feet? If you already have orthotics/custom arch supports please bring them also.
Q. How long will my appointment last?
A. An Appointment normally lasts between 40 minutes and 1 hour.
Q. What happens when the appointment is over?
A. When the appointment is over you will either be given another appointment to collect and fit your custom arch supports or you will leave with either a pair of shoes or an over the counter arch support fitted into your shoes.
Q. What are benefits and features of booking an appointment?
A. it can be helpful to book an appointment, that way you can be sure you will be dealt with on the day. Having said that, we welcome walk in customers who we can normally deal with straight away. If not, you can go and have a coffee and come back when one of our sales associates is free!
Q. Can I simply go into Foot Solutions to look for a comfortable pair of shoes? Even if I have no foot pain or issues?
A. Yes of course! Our shoes are sourced around the world, are of the highest quality and style and can be worn simply as comfortable shoes. We welcome everybody!



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