Why Us

  • At Foot Solutions in Stillorgan we are proud of the relaxed, friendly and holistic atmosphere we have developed over the last 7 years. Certainly our customers seem to love it (from aged 7 to 99 years) and enjoy the individual time spent listening closely to them and their needs.
  • We have a team of 6 in the store ( Manager, Assistant Manager and 4 individual Assistants) and each and every one of them is customer friendly and cannot do enough to help solve whatever issues the customer comes in with.  The ‘proof is in the pudding’ you could say – the customers keep on coming back!When have you last enjoyed the undivided attention of an assistant in a store for over an hour or so?  Bet that hasn’t happened since you were a child?
  • Our FREE Foot Analysis normally takes up to 35 to 40 minutes. It is a very interesting process because it shows you, the customer, clearly what is happening with your feet and gait and our assistants spend time to explain everything to you so that you clearly understand.  We feel that if you understand what is causing the problem with your feet, knees or hips we are half way there.
  • We are also very proud of the stylish shoes we manage to secure for our customers. Our suppliers listen closely to us when we provide them with feedback from customers and work hard to manufacture their shoes/boots/sandals in more stylish designs and colours! Again ‘the proof is in the pudding’ when customers come in and express surprise and delight that the styles are getting better and better!
  • When you visit Foot Solutions in Stillorgan one of the great benefits is that the Parking is FREE for up to 3 hours – more than enough time to finish your business at Foot Solutions and to take in some of the other stores in Ireland’s oldest shopping centre!  The atmosphere at the centre is local and friendly and very, very busy! Lots of events take place throughout the year too, especially at Easter and Xmas time.
  • Every Wednesday there is an Organic Food Market – lots of stalls with yummy homemade foods!  One of the highlights is Sally’s flower stand which arrives also on a Wednesday.  Sally is well known and loved by the local shoppers


Our Aim

  • Is to treat our customers with respect, to listen carefully to their life histories and issues and to try our best to give them satisfactory solutions through footwear and support.
  • Is to give our customers a ‘customer experience’ like they haven’t had in years.
  • Is to sit in front of them and to give them our undivided attention.
  • Is to be passionately committed to fitting and supporting the unique feet in order to improve movement and balance.
  • Is to help keep our customers moving.  “Motion is Lotion” is our motto.
  • Is to provide our customers with comfort and support and to make sure that they leave our store in style. After all, if a person ‘looks’ good it helps to make them ‘feel’ good.
  • Is to keep adding more stylish shoes to our inventory. At Foot Solutions in Stillorgan we understand that, women particularly, have a certain style and we want to help them maintain that style but to be more comfortable.

Our Promise

  • To always put our customers’ needs first
  • To listen to life histories and apply information to products provided
  • To keep a friendly, professional feel in the store
  • To keep up with current fashion/style trends in the comfort shoe industry
  • To do our best, using our leading edge technology and with our broad range of footwear and most innovative custom arch supports on the market today, to come up with a solution for minimising or alleviating your foot and foot-related pain and discomfort.