Support Shoes for Metatarsalgia

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Metatarsalgia is a fancy way of saying that your feet hurt.  Often, this type of foot pain occurs in the middle of the foot, between the arch and the toes (at the ball of foot area).  There are lots of factors that can contribute to foot pain.  It could be something minor, like a callus.  A callus is a growth of dry skin that develops as the result of pressure or friction against the foot.  They usually develop on the bottom of the feet, although they can occur in any location.  A callus is a minor issue, but it can really make your feet hurt.  The callus can put pressure against your shoes, which throws off the fit of your shoes and makes your feet sore.

Most foot pain is related to wearing the wrong shoes.  If your shoes don’t fit right, they’ll make your feet hurt.  We tend to think that it’s just shoes that are too small that make our feet hurt.  However, shoes that are too big can cause problems, too.  Tight shoes put too much pressure on the feet, but loose shoes give the foot space to move around inside the shoe, which causes friction.

Solutions for Foot Pain

If you have frequent foot pain, here are some solutions for you to try.  Start by wearing shoes that fit properly and support your feet.  Orthotic devices may be helpful to you, as well.  Orthotic devices are inserts that are worn inside your shoes.  They are custom made to fit your feet and provide support where you need it.

When you are shopping for support shoes, it is essential that you choose a pair that fits properly.  Have your feet measured at least once every year.  Your feet do change size as you get older.  Through the process of aging, the tissues in our feet lose their elasticity.  This allows the foot to elongate.  Your feet can increase in size by one or two whole sizes after you have reached adulthood.  Have your feet measured at a specialised shoe store, and make sure that the shoes you select fit comfortably in length as well as width.  Eliminating foot pain can be as simple as wearing shoes that fit properly.

If you want to prevent foot pain, choose flat shoes without a heel.  High heels are a major culprit of foot pain.  High heels tend to have a narrow, pointy toe box, which cramps the toes into an unnatural position.  This is exacerbated by the fact that the high heel slides all of the weight of the body forward, onto the toes.  Avoid high heels whenever you can.  If you must wear a heel, lower is better.

Choose heels that are less than two inches high.  Also, keep in mind that a wider heel is better for your feet than a stiletto.  A wider heel gives you a broader, more supportive base, which helps to decrease the odds of injury.

Flip-flops don’t do your feet any favors, either.  When you are doing any significant amount of walking, choose more support shoes.  Limit flip-flops to beach wear and poolside.  They just aren’t able to give your feet any support or protection.

If you have foot pain, visit Foot Solutions UK.  We will assess your feet, measure them, and help you find the right size.  We can help you select support shoes from our large selection.  If you could use orthotic devices or arch supports, we can help you with that, too.  We can even make custom arch supports for you if necessary. Stop into Foot Solutions UK to learn more about the options today.