Susan Copley

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Since retiring from her job in London, Susan Copley had spent a busy and active ten years in Plymouth working
part time and being a carer to a good friend who was ill.

Susan then spent time travelling all over the country seeing friends and relatives– usually dragging a heavy suitcase after her. It was no wonder then, that by 2010, her back was very painful and she admits she thought her body was in poor shape.

Susan was beginning to have trouble just by walking. She often found herself falling over, with pain in her feet and lower legs. The weight she had put on through lack of exercise meant her back was under increasing strain and she was leaning to one side. Even regular treatment from a back care practice couldn’t stop the problems However, a recommendation to visit Foot Solutions on Royal Parade, Plymouth then changed her life.

Foot Solutions staff were able to check the way Susan walked, they observed her foot pressure points and were able to spot that her toes were not touching the ground and that she was walking on the insides of her feet.

As Susan comments: “The team at Foot Solutions were so thorough, pleasant and polite. In no time at all they had shown me how instrumental my feet had been in causing my discomfort. They told me how they could help with custom arch supports and a change in the kind of shoes I was wearing. The rest, as they say, is history!”

Susan started to wear her new insoles and shoes from Foot Solutions in March 2011 and since then has seen a huge improvement in her health. She finds herself able to walk further without stopping to rest, her feet are better aligned and her foot and lower leg pain has gone. She says: “In short, I’ve a new lease of life!”

Maybe a foot health check at Foot Solutions could do the same for you? Our highly trained consultants use high tech scanning equipment and gait analysis to help find the perfect footwear and arch support solution for your feet – and we stock some of the world’s top comfort brands, so there’ll be a stylish shoe to suit your needs.

We’re letting Susan have the last word:

Foot Solutions is the first shop I have ever walked into where a team of people all thoroughly
know their job and their stock, but also know how to look after customers’ needs and really care
about them. I truly recommend if anyone has the slightest problem with their feet to go to Foot Solutions
– you will have a life changing experience!