Take A Walk Every Day For Good Foot Health

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Taking care of the health of your feet may not be an immediate concern, but when you consider the hard work your feet do, carrying you around every day of your life, it’s well worth setting aside some time to keep them in great shape.

As with your general health, eating well and exercising regularly are the most important ways to care for your feet. If you are new to exercising, or want to build up your fitness gradually, you may find that walking is the best way to begin. A daily walk can revolutionise the way your feet and your body feel, and here’s why:

Why Is Walking Good For Your Feet?

A healthy lifestyle depends upon regular exercise, and you should aim to increase your heart rate for at least thirty minutes, five times per week as a minimum. The benefits of walking as part of your healthy routine are numerous, and here are just a few of them:

1. Walking strengthens muscles. Walking helps to develop muscle tone and tone up the legs, abdominals and gluteal muscles, and you can further increase the positive effects by swinging your arms as you walk and including hills in your route.

2. Walking improves health into old age. Studies show that people who walk regularly are likely to age better and to live longer than their peers who do not exercise. For women, daily walks also reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis in later life, as well as reducing the risk of hip fractures.

3. Walking helps to maintain a healthy weight. Maintaining a health weight is an essential way to protect your health, and particularly the health of your feet. Being overweight increases the risk of developing heart problems, high blood pressure and flat feet, as well as many other painful foot conditions, and walking on a daily basis can burn calories and help you to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.

4. Walking helps mental health. Walking, especially in the outdoors, can help to regulate mental health and improve your mood. Walking releases endorphin’s which boost positivity and can help to relieve depression, and increased oxygenation in the muscles can also give your energy levels a lift.

Remember that walking will only bring these benefits if you wear the right shoes, so ensure that you visit a specialist shoe store such as Foot Solutions and seek help from professional shoe fitters to maximise the comfort and support your shoes can give you.

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