Tony Cobley

2 min read

Once in a while, customer service is so excellent that you have to write a letter. So here goes!

I work as a professional commercial photographer, photographing for businesses and colleges all over Devon & Cornwall which requires very good mobility and lots of activity.

I have had problems with my feet for a number of years, I believe “Pronated Arches” is the technical term, and this has also been linked to problems I have had with my lower back and knees.

I had previously been prescribed special orthotic insoles and never quite got on with them. After several visits to the place that issued them, I was told that they couldn’t do any more for my feet and that’s when I came to the friendly people at Foot Solutions in Plymouth.

I was immediately impressed with the professional, organised and meticulous way that these guys assess your feet, using super high tech equipment in their Royal Parade shop. The treatment was completely tailored to my problem and the consultations were thorough and never hurried.

My feet proved to be quite a challenge for the Foot Solutions people but foot expert; Joe Harman kept persevering and refused to be beat. Eventually, after much fine tuning and infinitely more patience than my previous supplier, Joe got the inserts exactly as I require.

These highly personal and bespoke inserts mean that I can get on with my job and my leisure activity without being slowed down by foot problems. They also improve my posture which helps protect my back and knees.

Based on the time and attention spent on my requirements, I consider this to be exceptional value for money because all of this was covered in one initial payment, no matter how long it took to get it right.

I highly recommend Foot Solutions in Plymouth to anyone who values their feet!