The Trouble With Flip Flops!

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Do you celebrate the beginning of summer by digging out your flip flops and heading into the sunshine? Take the time to read our warnings before you don your flip flops this year, since they can cause a great deal of damage to your feet and leave you suffering foot pain long after the sunny days are over.

Flip flops are a prime culprit for causing foot injuries and contributing to painful foot conditions. Here, we talk you through the problems flip flops can cause, and give you some tips on footwear that will keep your feet happy all summer long.

What is the problem with flip flops?

Flip flops are a great option for wearing around the swimming pool, but wearing them for longer periods of time is not a good idea because they just do not have the support and cushioning your feet need. Problems include:

Flat soles. Most flip flops have a flat, rigid sole, which cannot offer any support for the arches of your feet and is not designed to help with shock absorption as you move around. Flexible, cushioned soles are very important in protecting your feet and helping to reduce the stress that they come under when you walk.

Lack of fastenings. Toe post flip flops require the wearer to ‘grip’ the shoe with the foot, curving the toes and straining the muscles and joints of the feet in order to keep the flip flops on. Feet should be able to relax inside shoes and this requires fastenings that keep them securely on the feet when you move around.

No arch support. The arches of the feet bear a great deal of weight and can collapse if they are not supported effectively. Shoes that are not shaped to the contours of the feet provide no arch support and this places the arches under greater pressure and increases the risk of developing flat feet.

What should I wear instead?

During the summer, you need a lightweight, cool footwear option that allows for flexibility and support. Here at Foot Solutions, we have an excellent range of sandals and training shoes that are designed to provide the support and cushioning you need, while allowing your feet to breathe and looking great!

Pop in to your local store to try the latest ranges of sandals, and see what a difference great shoes can make to your feet.

How To Prevent Foot Problems

A visit to Foot Solutions can help you to learn more about your feet and the best ways to keep them healthy. If you are experiencing foot pain, we can carry out a series of observations and find the best options for you. We offer a personalised solution for everyone, and this usually involves a combination of well-fitted shoes, comfort socks and custom arch supports.

Pop in and visit us at Foot Solutions, or book an appointment online now.