How Can We Help?

Here at Foot Solutions, we’re passionate about your feet. Feet are incredible! They work hard to support you all day long, and the health of your feet can have a big impact on the health of your whole body. This is why we are dedicated to finding solutions to common foot problems and resolving foot pain.

We travel the world to find the very best products to support your feet and reduce discomfort, and our free in-store assessments enable us to find a unique approach for you. Our experienced pedorthists will take the time to get to know you and your feet, and will work through a tried and tested assessment process to ensure that our recommendations are ideal for you.

We’re generous with our time and our expertise because we believe that our job isn’t done until we have found a solution that helps you to enjoy a full and active lifestyle, without foot pain.

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Our Foot Assessment Process

Takes Approximately 30 mins | Free Consultation  | No Obligation

Caring for your feet properly begins with getting to know them, and our experienced team will be delighted to give you a full assessment, free of charge. Our assessment usually takes 30 minutes, and is completed in store by one of our trained pedorthists.

We’ll ask you to remove your shoes and socks during the assessment, and making an appointment in advance is advised.

Here are the steps involved …

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Free foot assessment


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At your appointment, we will include the following:

  • We’ll ask you to fill out a quick form about your general health
  • You’ll have a short verbal consultation with a trained pedorthist to understand more about your lifestyle, history and current footwear
  • We will take measurements of the feet, assessing heel to toe length, arch length and foot width
  • You’ll have a physical assessment, palpating the foot to check flexibility and look for signs of pressure or strain
  • We will make a visual analysis of your gait (the way you walk)
  • We will take a scan of the foot to give a digital picture of pressure points and arch type
  • You will take a balance test
  • We will carry out a pressure map to give a digitised 3D Contour map of the sole of the foot

After this, your pedorthist will recommend a solution for you, and this is likely to involve a combination of customised arch supports, comfort socks and footwear that is suitable for your feet. Our clients are often surprised at how effectively these expert recommendations can resolve foot pain and make their feet feel great!

So Book Your Appointment at Foot Solutions now and start taking care of your feet today.