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At Brooks we believe that a run can flat out change a day, a life, the world!

Our purpose is simple. We exist to inspire runners and to enhance their running experience. As we believe running is a gift and every day with a run is happier; with every run bringing you closer to your best self.

Therefore, no matter what the question, for us it’s always the same answer: the run.

1972 saw our running focus increase and in 1977 the Vantage was our first shoe to be #1 in Runner’s World! Featuring the industry first use of EVA which replaced slow rebounding rubber in midsoles. In 1981 the Varus Wedge was rated the best running shoe in the world by the Running Times; helping solve the problem of overpronation in runners.

While focusing on the fast growing stability category, we introduced one of our best selling shoes in 1999: The Adrenaline GTS! This has been a popular choice with runners ever since!

Since then we’ve been fortunate, because since 2001, we’ve been able to focus exclusively on the pursuit we love more than any other; the run. We challenge ourselves to make the best running gear in the world because we want to run in it too!
Thus, our brand aspires to reflect the truth in running. Hence, we sweat every detail to create solutions for runners. If it doesn’t improve your run, you won’t find it in our gear!

Therefore, the most important thing we make is your run. Granted, we may be biased but our advice is simple: Run Happy!

Run Happy is a unique point of view that paints all running experiences in an inspiring, joyful, persistently positive light. And when we inject Run Happy into all we do, it is infectious and magnetic. Reminding people that a good run is always there waiting for them.

So together let’s celebrate the transformative power of the run!

Run Happy!

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