Top 3 Common Arch And Heel Pain Problems

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Do you have pain in the arches or heels of your feet? Here at Foot Solutions, we know that foot pain can have a major effect on your life, and we can help you to resolve the problem and get back to full fitness.

There are many causes of arch and heel pain, and it is important to identify the problem you are experiencing so that you can seek the correct treatment. Some treatments can be successfully carried out at home, while others require professional input. Read on for our quick guide to the most common types of arch and heel pain.

What Is causing your Arch or Heel Pain?

Heel and arch pain can be caused by main different things, including traumatic injuries such as fractures or broken bones in the feet. However, there are three main culprits that cause arch and heel pain, and one of these is the most likely cause of your suffering:

1. Heel spurs. Heel spurs are bony growths that cause a sharp pain in the heel, and these can develop around the heel bone when ligaments or tendons become inflamed. Heel spurs are often caused by inflammatory diseases, such as reactive arthritis, or repetitive strain while exercising, and may require surgery in extreme cases. In most cases, however, it is possible to treat heel spurs at home using ice, stretching exercises and over the counter medication, in conjunction with custom inserts and good, supportive shoes with appropriate cushioning.

2. Plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the plantar fascia, which runs from the toes to the heels of each foot. This condition is common amongst people who run a lot. The pain is often worse on getting out of bed in the morning, and it is usually important to rest the area by taking a break from exercise to allow it to heal. You can try specific rehabilitation exercises that can be very helpful, and ice treatment can be a good way to relieve the pain. Custom arch supports can help to correct the positioning of the feet while exercising, and cortisone injections are sometimes offered if the condition persists.

3. Achilles Tendonitis. The Achilles tendon, located in the back of the ankle, is another area that is often subject to sporting injury. Wearing unsupportive shoes and running without protecting your feet appropriately can lead to pain and inflammation in this tendon, and it can even strain and tear. Finding shoes that support the foot properly can help with rehabilitation, as can rest and recovery time. Laser treatment may be offered to help resolve this condition, and arch supports can ensure that the foot is positioned well to avoid strains in this area in the future.

You can seek advice and help from our experienced staff when you visit a specialist shoe store such as Foot Solutions. Our professional fitters can help you to find shoes that fit your feet correctly and protect against painful foot conditions such as the above.

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