Your Work And Your Shoes

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Is your job good for your feet? If your job involves a lot of walking or standing, or if you’re sitting down all day, you may find that you begin to experience foot pain. Certain jobs, such as nursing and catering, are especially hard on your feet, and you may notice that your feet are sore and swollen by the end of the day. If you do not make adjustments to your footwear and your lifestyle, this can lead to longer term problems, so it is well worth putting in the time to get it right for your feet now.

A visit to Foot Solutions is a great way to start caring for your feet, as you will learn how to look after them properly. We know that every foot is unique, and we will work with you to find a personalised solution that works for you. For most people, this involves a combination of comfortable, well-fitted shoes, with comfort socks and custom arch supports.

How To Prevent Foot Problems At Work

1. Check your shoes. Your shoes are meant to support your feet and absorb the shock all day as you walk around. Many people spend hours and hours of their lives wearing shoes that are not supportive enough and do not fit their feet properly, and this can lead to many painful foot problems. Visit us to have your feet measured professionally and find out more about the sort of shoes that can keep your feet comfortable all day.

2. Add extra support. Although your shoes are a very important factor in your foot health, it is also important to consider adding extra support to further cushion and support the delicate bones and tendons in the feet. Custom arch supports can make a world of difference to the way your feet feel inside your shoes, and comfort socks can offer protection and help to keep feet cool and dry.

3. Take regular breaks. Although it can be very difficult in some lines of work, it is important to take breaks and rest your feet whenever you can. Try to sit or lie down with your feet raised above your hips, and your feet will feel the benefit of increased blood flow to reduce swelling and inflammation. If you are in a job that requires sitting in one position for long periods of time, try to use an ergonomic desk chair that is designed to support your body correctly and reduce pressure on your back, legs and feet.

4. Stretch your feet. While you are on a break, or even while you are working, try to stretch out your feet to relieve tension and prevent pain. Do several ankle circles with each foot, and alternate standing on the balls and heels of your feet to stretch out the muscles and tendons.

5. Give your feet some TLC. When you get home, you can help to relieve the stress your feet have undergone by giving yourself a foot bath and foot massage, or by rolling a frozen bottle of water across the soles of your feet. This helps to reduce inflammation and gives your feet a break from the pressure they have been under all day.

Find Custom Arch Supports To Prevent Foot Pain In Ireland

Here at Foot Solutions, we have an excellent range of stylish and comfortable shoes, and we will take the time to help you find a personalised solution for your feet.

Your feet work hard every day, so pop into your local store and meet our professional team to find out more about how to protect them from injury and pain. You’ll really feel the difference!