Dr. Padraig Kelly

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Newly qualifed as a junior doctor, Padraig Kelly was eagerly looking forward to his first placement in July 2013. One thing he didn’t anticipate was the strain the new job would put on his feet.

‘While my work was and remains very intense, I was not prepared for the aching feet and sudden back pain that I began experiencing. I put the discomfort down to the newness of the job. I persisted on, thinking things would improve. until eventually I decided I would have to take serious action.

‘I went into my local Galway branch of Foot Solutions and met the highly efficient dedicated, friendly staff there under the guidance of Marian, the manager.

‘I was measured, made do certain leg movements and discussed the problems I was experiencing. I was sceptical throughout but the staff put me totally at ease; in fact once the store insoles were placed in my own shoes I could immediately feel the difference.

‘I ordered my very own personal insoles, unique for me and the type of footwear I regularly use. I also ordered a pair of extremely comfortable shoes for everyday work-wear.

 ‘I had a few weeks’ wait while my insoles were being made up. It was worth the wait – they were a fantastic fit for my feet. The girls advised me that I would need to break them in – wear them for a few hours initially and gradually build up the amount of time each day that I was wearing them.

 ‘To be perfectly honest I can’t believe the difference to the quality of my life since I got the insoles. I have no more back pain. I was also on the brink of developing bunions due to incorrect shoe size and had bad posture. I am much happier and confident and cannot say enough about Foot Solutions Galway.

‘I would recommend that everyone gets fitted and assessed by the staff in their local store, whether you think you have foot problems or not. What have you got to lose? I have already talked to a lot of my medical friends and have suggested they visit their local store. Starting work for the first time and getting a salary are all new to me. The best money I have spent since I started work was in Foot Solutions.

‘Thank you Foot Solutions!’